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Menajerie Seduce Us In Sultry New Single 'Melt'

Updated: Jun 27

Musical enchantresses of Meanjin Menajerie seduce us with their sultry vocals in their latest single ‘Melt’. A 70s sounds-infused ode to the magic of the early stages of romance, this song is full of sophisticated groove and feminine energy.

A strong release to follow their debut EP Selective Deafness (nominated at the 2024 Queensland Music Awards in the Soul/ Funk/ R&B category), ‘Melt’ satisfyingly delivers on Menajerie’s MO: tasteful funk flavours, tight & elegant harmonies, and compelling rhythmic ideas.

‘Melt’ starts strong, instantly delivering the song’s title and setting the scene with a smooth neo-soul saunter that will have you instantly feeling yourself. The B-section contrasts nicely, building tension through mixolydian-flavoured harmonies and a 7/8 groove before dropping back into a once-again-relaxed-and-groovy verse 2. I have to admit I’m a sucker for a 7/8 feel and changing time signatures, and this little music-nerd-Easter-Egg is executed with so much cool and composure it will make your heart flutter (or dare I say, melt).

The song keeps your attention as it introduces new layers throughout the arrangement. The bridge brings us some funky wah-guitar riffage, and a subtle change in the chord landscape from living in a more mysterious land of minor chords to moving around an optimistic and romantic-sounding major-7 chord world. This is reinforced with the opening lyric of this new section, “a welcome change, how could I hide? Leave on the light, we’ll meet inside…”. The bridge builds in intensity with this new energy before launching into to the original chord landscape and return to the ‘Melt’ lyrical motif to finish off the song.

Gracie Mack, says on writing the song, “Melt is about that kind of love that turns your insides to liquid gold. I wrote the song in the early stages of a romance that felt really healing and special. Melt kinda feels to me like a mushy love song parading as a neo-soul groover. It's enchanting, joyous and a bit sexy."

‘Melt’ is an instant playlist-add for any fans of Dusty Springfield, Duffy, and Sade.

If Menajerie weren’t on your radar before, the band is fronted by 3 powerhouse songstresses Gracie Mack, Rosa Mack and Mel Galletly, with Andrew Fincher (Kerbside Collection, HRBRT, CityPiss) playing guitar, Lee Brackenborough (Elktung, HRBRT, Big Dead) on bass and Beau Jorgensen (Mover, Stormchasers) on drums.

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