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Mickey Kojak returns with latest track 'Video Games'.

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Sydney vocalist and producer Mickey Kojak has shared his latest track ‘Video Games’.

Hot off both BIGSOUND and his supporting run with Bag Raiders, Kojak has blessed us with his most recent addition to his growing indie electronic catalogue – ‘Video Games’.

During a self-induced, hermit-esque, video game playing marathon, Mickey’s manager called him up and asked: “What are you doing? Where have you been? It seems like all you’ve been doing is staying up late and playing video games. Write some god damn music - so he did.

With life imitating art, Kojak took to the decks and keys and birthed the tune which is described as a “super-charged homage to his love/hate relationship for anything and everything gaming”.

With a self-explanatory title and tongue in cheek references, it is definitely one to add to your Spotify rotation. The track expands on his older works, while still retaining the dance magic ‘All That Acid’ brought to our earholes. It contains serious danceable vibes which if you don’t at least tap a foot to, I’ll eat my hat.

The tune has, in our opinion, a dash of Art Vs Science which makes it all the better.

The track includes such lines as:

“Been staying up late playing video games, cause I got nothing to do and nothing left to say // been staying up late playing video games, so do you think I give a fuck about Lana Del Rey”.

The Lana reference is of course in relation to her track of the same name, which Kojak clearly and cleverly acknowledges. Not being a huge Lana fan, I admit this is my more favourable ‘Video Games’ variant.

If you, like Kojak, have used your console as a form of escapism, then this is the track for you.

‘Video Games’ is available for your listening pleasure now and is his first release with new Australian label partner, Of Leisure.



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