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Midnight Drags Release Fiery New Single 'Ronnie'

Image: Midnight Drags | supplied

Melbourne based rockers Midnight Drags have today released their explosive new tune and arty video clip for ‘Ronnie’. The brainchild of singer-songwriter Lucas James, Midnight Drags sound a little like a rock concoction of Eskimo Joe mixed with Catfish And The Bottlemen. The band consists of Lucas James on vocals, guitar, percussion and synth, Ashley Naylor on guitar, Bill McDonald on bass and Brett Wolfenden on drums. 

‘Ronnie’ is a fiery tale about the qualms of love and loss. A wild journey that takes the listener on a trip exploring the chaotic dissolution of a relationship kept apart. This is the first glimpse of Midnight Drags’ new album Bad Business, expected in early 2021, and if ‘Ronnie’ is anything to go by, we’re sure to be in for a treat.

The animated video clip for ‘Ronnie’ perfectly compliments the track. Edgy, dark, chaotic and full of vigour the clip see’s the characters spiral into dark patterns of substance abuse and destructive behaviour. 

“The video is a cool, trippy but rather grim little piece that I essentially left to the uber talented Galihpanji (Metamorse Studio) to come up with after discussing the track with him…I was recommended to him by a friend and loved his rough and beautiful style.”

The punchy and evocative lyrics of 'Ronnie' are simultaneously intriguing, heartfelt and intense, combining perfectly with the song's intoxicating soundscape of distorted guitar, rock n roll drums and raspy vocals. Keep your ears peeled for the dynamite electric guitar solo that hits at 1:50 for pure rock elation.

“'Ronnie' is a love song about yearning, regret and ultimately meeting one’s fate.  It was was (loosely) written about someone I know who went to jail...From the perspective of their confused and tormented loved one waiting on the outside.”

'Ronnie' is out today and is a stunning reflection of Midnight Drags as a project.

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