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Montana Sharp’s Newest Single Will Fill You With ‘Power’

Credit: Charlie Ashfield

It’s not everyday that musical theatre and pop crossover into a song that could be performed for the theatre or played on Spotify’s pop playlists. Melbourne’s vocal powerhouse, Montana Sharp, has done just that with her newest single ‘Power’. A raw examination of the freedom that comes with being liberated from a relationship, ‘Power’ is sure to capture your attention with its unique sound and Sharp’s alluring vocals.

‘Power’ has a foreboding soundscape, accented by piano keys and a lone drum that beats rhythmically in the background. It’s simple and subtle with enough flair to colour the song and create an almost ominous atmosphere. It’s a track that would fit perfectly on any Broadway production. In our opinion, fans of Hamilton would especially love ‘Power’. Sonically, ‘Power’ sounds as if it takes cues from Hamilton’s rap ballad ‘Satisfied’. With that being said, the track cements itself firmly in the pop sphere.

Meanwhile, the star of the song is Sharp’s vocals. They’re the perfect combination of musical theatre and pop. They power through the track’s soundscape, rising and falling with a honey tone that you can’t get out of your head. Each poetic lyric is brought to life with intense emotion. ‘Again and again I lose myself to a man / again and again I put my life in his hands / again and again I walk away and say that ain’t who I am,’ Sharp sings, her voice deepening with passion before she soars into the chorus. Australian pop music has given us some great voices over the years. But Sharp’s range and ability to fill the heads of listeners with pure, unfiltered sound allows her to stand separate from the rest of her peers. With a voice like hers, it’s easy to imagine Sharp performing ‘Power’ in a variety of ways. Acoustic, acapella, soft rock… the possibilities are endless.

Also, the music video for ‘Power’ is a must watch. Directed by Gabrielle Pearson, the music video stars Sharp as Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts as she holds court in the centre of a hedge maze. Each shot is an artistic feast for the eyes as Sharp flips the role of a person under the influence of love into a person in control of it. It’s bold and empowering, just like the song it was made to represent.

All in all, ‘Power’ is a song that deserves to be listened to. With her powerful voice, imagery-rich lyricism and excellent production, Sharp has solidified herself as an artist who you need to watch.

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