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MOZË's Latest Video Is Anything But A 'Ruse'

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Photo Credit: nicefilmco

On a beautifully balmy December evening, friends, family and fans of Melbourne-based artist MOZË gathered in a Thornbury studio for the launch of something spectacular; a music video for her latest single ‘Ruse’.

It is a rarity, with our dwindling attention spans, that a whole room of people will stand still and silent for more than 15-seconds. But, from the moment the play button was hit, there was absolutely nowhere else worth looking than at the unfolding ‘Ruse’ scenes.

The song itself was a 3-year project for Zoe (MOZË), toiling with ideas of breaking free from emotional entrapment and agonizing love. The messaging is only further enriched by layers of dense harmony and heavy rhythms you feel resonating in your chest.

It is truly hard to put into words the sheer passion felt behind every word in ‘Ruse’. Rather, the nicefilmco. production team encapsulated this passion in a myriad of stunning scenes, a culmination of natural landscapes and retro backdrops, with the incredible Zoe (MOZË) at the forefront.

The video was filmed over 3 days, where the team managed to snag a tiny window of opportunity between Melbourne’s July lockdowns. One of the most striking scenes of the video is of MOZË almost levitating in Lake Tyrell, with an ethereal 5am sunrise boasting in the background. While on location, MOZË and her team also managed to shoot her music video for recent single ‘Afraid’, a rolling piano ballad with equally as glorious imagery.

I felt so lucky to be in the crowd, watching this video enter audience scope. At the most suspenseful crescendo of the song, the entire room was frozen, and it was as if we all knew this was going to be something big.

And by ‘this’, I don’t simply mean the video, I mean MOZË as a whole artist. She has garnered lyricism beyond her years, vocals like the love child of Odette and Aretha Franklin and unmatched artistic foresight.

Simply put, MOZË is one to watch. You can check out our other articles on MOZE here.

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