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New merci, mercy? Thankyou, THANKYOU!

Image: mercy, merci | supplied

merci, mercy's latest release 'Something You Like' is a gorgeous explanation of the alt-pop genre, combining graceful melodies with the enchanting glittery nature of pop elements. Upbeat and spunky, yet mellow and calm, ‘Something You Like’ is a calm observation of a tender relationship turned sour. The sweet milky melodies and the curdled lyrics convey a yearning that is well past her years - at only 19, the Sydney-based singer has a deep understanding of the scale of emotions and she portrays that with a solemn ease through her music.

“This song really poured out of me and was the easiest one to write on the EP. The song was written from observing toxic relationships and seeing how someone can change you without you realising. It’s my go to song to play whenever I pick up my uke.”

Gentle guitars and ukulele guide the song through its various stages, creating a bubble that encases the gentle percussive beats inside of it. Whilst it gains a semi-upbeat tone during the chorus, light piano and background riffs demand a melancholic feeling rather than the usual dance mode that comes with classic pop.

Calling it a heartbreak anthem is too niche, it is so much more. Its everything that’s ever made you feel something, anything - wrapped up with Clairo-like delicate vocals and tied up with a pretty pink bow.

This song is a karaoke solo inside a disco ball, serenading the one you used to love with mascara dripping eyes. Pastel colours adorn the glimmering walls as you succumb to heartbreak - an odd emotion to feel in such a usually lighthearted and fun atmosphere. It's lighters up in the air, waving and fading in and out of existence in a sea of tiny wavering spotlights. It's a sombre Uber ride home from an underwhelming night out, with a tight knot in your gut and a choked up throat. Euphoria. It’s sitting on your bedroom floor during lockdown, with those LED strip lights that TikTok made you buy flashing a deep blue as you read old love letters from long ago.

‘Something You Like’ is the first release from her debut EP ‘no thankyou, no thanks’, which comes hot off the back of her overnight success with ‘Fall Apart’ in July, and her debut release ‘Fucked Myself Up’, which was a Triple J airplay favourite. Her previous releases have seen her streams grow to almost five million- which is no easy task, and shows just how quickly fans have become enamoured with her soft-girl pop and colourful hair. ‘no thankyou, no thanks’ will be released 16 October via Liberation Records (you can preorder it here).

Along with her sonic success, she has also sold out three shows at the Oxford Art Factory, with a fourth added due to overwhelming demand. To make her even better, she has added a livestream option for fans who can't make it to the real life shows. Details for this exclusive run of shows are below.


Tuesday October 13

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


Wednesday October 14

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


Thursday October 15

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


Friday October 23

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


Tickets on sale NOW via /

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