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New Single ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ Rises From Cedarsmoke

Building on the foundations of their debut EP, ‘Everything Is The Worst’, Cedarsmoke are back with their latest single, ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’. Tired of the false realities distorted from the apparent whimsical and ideal times of youth, the band has created a song that not only tells the truth, but lets you hear the truth.

"The song is about the downside of youth and being in your twenties. It began with the title which I liked because of the double meaning - it looks at how youth has its negatives and it also looks at how getting old is a constant thing. I think that like most things, it has its pros and cons which is what makes it an interesting subject matter to me." says Jon Cloumassis

Cedarsmoke pushes their storytelling prowess to the forefront, theatrically making the single an auditory experience of the monotony of youth. Largely carried by an acoustic guitar and the distinctively grimy and raspy vocals of frontman Jon Cloumassis, ‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ is actively aware of itself- gloomy, filled with despair and painfully truthful. However, this all picks up toward the end with a spark of more hopeful vocals and prominent instrumentals. With such a polarizing and juxtaposing difference, this track creates a sincere and spot-on representation of the whirlwinds of youth, and the experiences that shape us.

‘Being Young Is Getting Old’ is quite the storytelling feat from Cedarsmoke, and sees them dabble with new ideas and composition to perfectly paint a situation all too familiar to many.

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