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A New Sound in Alex Lahey's Latest Release

Updated: May 13, 2019

I’m going to take this moment to personally thank Alex Lahey for this one. ‘Unspoken History’ is an unexpected, and incredibly earnest release from the rock queen.

Lahey has been trickling releases from her upcoming sophomore album ‘The Best Of Luck Club’ ever since it was announced over a month ago - but this release still comes as a surprise. The electric guitar driven angsty rock has become the staple for Lahey ever since she won the Unearthed spot at Splendour in the Grass all those years ago. So hearing such a soft tune, is a surprise. But an oh so welcomed one.

When announcing the track over her socials she stated that ‘Unspoken History’, “is unlike any other song I’ve ever written before. It scared the shit out of me when I wrote it in Nashville and now holds a very special place in The Best Of Luck Club and in my heart”. It now hold a special place in this writer’s heart.

The first (of what hopefully is not the last) Lahey ballad tells a story of a previous love that wasn’t quite right. Lamenting on not being able to let go, not being able to say what you want to say, she leaves us to bask in a melancholic nostalgia. Hindsight is a gift, but gifts aren’t always a good thing.

Lahey’s lyrics have always had a ‘no-bullsh*t’ policy, talking straight down the line, in a very personal way - but ‘Unspoken History’ takes this to a new level. We’re seeing a new side of Lahey that we’ve never seen before in this one. Whilst I’m still sure those angsty bangers will beef up most of the upcoming album, this soft, acoustic Lahey is certainly something that I hope to see more of.

The Best of Luck Club will be released on 17 May, before she disembarks on a national tour around Australia in June. You can listen to ‘Unspoken History’ below, or get tickets to the tour here. This is going to be big.



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