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NOT A BOYS NAME & Bec Sandridge Team Up On New Single 'F*ck It Up'

Photo by Tessa Kerans

After releasing his debut EP The Internet Sucks earlier this year, NOT A BOYS NAME has returned and teamed up with Bec Sandridge on a new, fun track titled ‘F*ck It Up’.

Also joining them on the track is Dan Williams (Art Vs Science) on percussion and Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) on backing vocals.

The eccentric indie-pop artist chooses a seemingly fun take on what it takes to go through a disintegrating friendship. There’s punchy basslines, driving percussion and bright synths to take you through the sunny track. So on the surface, it seems like a great song to dance to and include in your morning motivation playlists, but digging deeper, the lyrics explore toxic friendships.

This song is about the consequences of working with your friends. When you become too involved... too close. I tried to write music with a good friend of mine and it all went wrong. The experience was really toxic and resulted in a few nasty phone calls (and the end of our friendship). The lyric “why’d you go and fuck it up?” is directed at both of us. I still don’t really know who fucked it was probably me,” NOT A BOYS NAME explains.

The presence of Bec Sandridge can’t be ignored though. Her vocals bring a sense of unity that gives the song a feeling of optimism.

“His aesthetic (visually and sonically) kind of captures everything that I love about late 70s/80s tracks. There’s just the right amount of drama, tongue-in-cheekness and I can never look past a band with tasty fuzz harmonies on guitar,” Sandridge speaks on the collaboration.

A hugely fun track is out in the world and we couldn't be happier and to celebrate, NOT A BOYS NAME is performing a show as part of New South Wales’ Great Southern Nights.


Ticket information here.

Sydney Saturday, Golden Age Cinema

28 November

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