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Order Sixty6 Execute 'You Should Go To Therapy'

Order Sixty6 is a buzzing Southside Brisbane rap group comprised of band members S.A.B, Apollø, Professor Paul, and Melrose. The group recently dropped 'You Should Go to Therapy'.

The group kicks off the song with the hook proclaiming they’ve got “something to get off their chest. The lyrics then proceed to take shape, and the essence of braggadociousness and confidence permeates through. It’s evident that they want people to acknowledge how skilful and talented they are, tired of waiting for people to take notice.

The beat shifts at around 1:48 to a smoother more ambient beat, as ongoing snares and an omniscient voice peers through stating, “people’s opinions are none of your business, and they shouldn’t make a difference, they don’t even know you, and you should care less.”

In the second half of the song, it seems as though the group has found a sense of clarity and is able to clearly articulate what makes them anxious and how they’re attempting to combat the feelings of depression. Overall the song showcases the range and potential Order Sixty6 has within their music. Be on the lookout for more drops.



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