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Oxlee Is Gaining Serious ‘Traction’

Image: supplied

After releasing a string of solid singles, Brisbane-based R&B-Pop prince Oxlee is back with potentially his strongest single yet. With production elements influenced by Tobi Lou and Trinidad Cardona, ‘Traction’ combines elements of K-Pop, Contemporary R&B and Alternative Pop to create a silky-smooth, polished tune that compels you to groove to its funky melodic bass line.

Continuing the storyline from his previous intimate single ‘I Don’t Get You’, ‘Traction’ sees Oxlee reflecting on the breakup of a past relationship. His flirty smooth-talking vocals layered over a breezy light rhythm sonically evokes Justin Bieber meets Ruel and is the perfect soundtrack for a teenage romance.

On finally creating music true to himself, Oxlee explains: "'Traction’ is a song I wrote when I was feeling like it was time for me. I had spent so long trying to be someone else, and trying to please others, that I felt like it was time for me to just accept where I am right now in life and embrace where the music wanted to take me. The inspiration for the song came from a place of confidence and acceptance, while feeling a little bit reckless at the same time. I feel like ‘Traction’ is a lot stronger than my previous releases, because I didn’t hold back, and I just wanted to do me behind the mic.”

Accompanying this single release is a playful and humorous music video that you can check out below!

With a list of announcements and an album release on the horizon, be on the lookout for promising up-and-comer Oxlee in the Australian R&B scene!




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