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Paige Valentine Captures Hearts With New Single 'Fool'

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Perth singer songwriter Paige Valentine has released a whimsical new single ‘Fool’ to tug on the heartstrings. Releasing her first single in June 2020, Valentine has the style, talent and presence of an artist who’s been on the scene for years. ‘Fool’ is inspired by heartbreak, nostalgia and new beginnings- a perfect product of the creativity that brews during isolation.

Paige Valentine’s musical debut was far from low-key, with her first single 'Pure' already amassing over 500,000 Spotify streams within 5 months. As a five-time WAM Award nominee and Vanda & Young International Song Competition finalist, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s latest single is a multi-layered masterpiece. Valentine’s sophisticated and poetic song writing makes her a stand-out artist to keep a close eye on.

“‘Fool’ was very much written as a continuation from the story of my first single, ‘Pure’. It examines the complex and melancholy journey through heartbreak, questioning whether the reward was ever worth the risk. It explores the feelings of unkept promises and unfinished plans, while also remembering the nostalgic warmth of a past connection.”

‘Fool’ walks the line between melancholy and mourning, reflecting on a past relationship with both warmth and longing. The track opens with soft acoustic guitar, leaving room for Valentine’s intoxicating vocals and weighty lyricism to take center stage.

Don’t go on saying I never tried that hard for you/

Laid my heart bare more than I wanted to/

And all the time we spent together/

And all the times you said forever

I don’t want to go if we’re only stalling again/

Said you were my home now I’m living lonely again/

And I’m a fool for everything/

I’m a fool for everything

Valentine shares memories of a blissful young love she thought would last forever. She captures the cruel awakening when someone you can't picture a future without is now out of the picture. The track swells with soft percussion and angelic background harmonies as Valentine’s emotions rise to the surface. She yearns to know if she’s wasted her time on this love and questions how legitimate it was to begin with.

Paige Valentine is building an army of listeners eager to show their support as live music slowly makes its return in Australia. We're excited to see where this wave of success takes the talented new artist.

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