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Pop-Punk Crusaders Waxflower Release Emotional New Single 'Getting Better'

Photo Credit: Mitch Lowe

The pop-punk boys from Waxflower are back with their new single 'Getting Better', a song about well… getting better.

Waxflower may stem from Brisbane but are strongly influenced by the likes of US 2000’s bands such as Kisschasy and Jimmy Eat World. Despite only forming the band last January, Waxflower has sunk their teeth into the Australian live music scene and as well as playing their own debut shows, have supported pop-punk purveyors Simple Plan- did we just teleport back to 2004?

'Getting Better' is a sad-boy bop that features a unity of tender acoustic guitar riffs and stripped back vocals- sung in an accent that imitates the likes of the iconic Blink 182 masterpiece ‘I Miss You’.

Speaking of the single, frontman Tristan Higgins says the song encapsulates the emotional turmoil he went through during a particularly difficult time in his life.

“A particularly long and intense panic attack had landed me in the hospital. Every attack at the time felt like a failure, as if it were erasing any hard-earned progress on a long journey to betterment...The song catalogues that period and its aftermath, the breakdown of a relationship. It helped me to explore the roots of my feelings at the time and work towards accepting the outcome was for the best of everyone involved.”

The new release comes at a particularly pertinent time, with R U OK? Day at the forefront of everyone’s minds, 'Getting Better' tackles the sensitive topic of mental health whilst providing an understated uplifting message.

“It's always one of the most emotional songs in the set for me as it's still difficult to retrace some of those steps…. But we're excited to provide a different take on our sound. Hopefully, there are people out there who can resonate with the story. The creation of the song has been beneficial in my journey and releasing it is another step forward in the process of getting better.” Stated Higgins.

Chuck on your old custom Converse, grab your jelly bracelets and slowly skateboard into the distance whilst gently sobbing to 'Getting Better' on your Mp3.

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