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PREMIERE: Abi Muir Stays True To Herself In 'Still The Same'

Indie-pop songstress Abi Muir has been making waves with her recent releases garnering a hefty following. The Cairns artist is releasing her latest single 'Still the Same' a throwback to 2000s indie-pop with its showstopping vocals and nostaglia drenched keys and strings. Muir's crystalline vocals shine above the driving rhythms as sings of the price you pay for love and time. The arrangement perfectly underpins the song's theme; coping with the passage of time and the effects of change.

""Still the same was inspired by a book I read where the character became immortal and lived many different lives but was still the same person on the inside. I wanted to tell this story in song and communicate the emotions and feeling of time passing, watching people you used to know grow and change, whilst you as the observer feel the same, standing still in time," says Muir

Making strides as a Finalist in the Queensland Music Awards the young artist goes from strength to strength from winning the International Unsigned Only competition to directing music videos. We're incredibly excited to premiere this latest release and to see where Abi goes next as a potential indie-pop icon. 'Still The Same' release officially tomorrow - check it out and stay tuned for possible live shows as the scene starts thriving again!

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