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Premiere: Dream Dali Take Us Down A Rabbit Hole With Latest Video

Photography by India Raine

Brisbane mind-warping freakazoids Dream Dali are back at it again with the brain-bendery. This time delivering a sizeable Dada-ism inspired music video for their track 'Feel The Hole,' ahead of their debut EP, Life In Legato, coming out tomorrow on the 18th of November! You can catch a sneak-peak of the video here:

Who needs drugs, when you can transfix on this phenomenal video release and feel the same thing? The psychic squeezing goes hand-in-hand with the beautiful track, featuring trance lyrics, a dripping-liquid guitar solo and salacious grooves that will make your hair curly.

The video is being released alongside their head-confuzzling debut EP Life In Legato, of-which vocalist, guitarist, producer and songwriter Aaron Shanahan stated:

“‘Life In Legato’ is about the ups and downs of life. We all experience it and we choose to express the dark, the corners, the two shoed thoughts, whilst seeing the presence of the now and peaceful singular. In a dream we are connected, and this is why we are proud to share with you."

The group have also announced an EP Launch for tomorrow night at The Black Bear Lodge in The Valley, alongside Kalopsia & Zade. I personally have seen Kalopsia before at a WIIGZ gig, and I can say in full-truth that they schralp the gnar like no gnar has ever been schralped. Be sure to be there, or be square.

'Feel The Hole' is an exemplary work, heralding the mastercraft of their highly anticipated debut EP Life In Legatus. Tomorrow is a big day, with the release of the EP and a spicy gig to go to. Smash open your piggy banks with your mum's finest hammer, and be sure to go. Get out their and feel the hole today!

Dream Dali Life In Legatus EP Launch

Tickets here

Thursday, 18th November

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Photo: India Raine



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