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PREMIERE: Hidden Pillars 'Shatter' Our Hearts

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Photos Provided by Corduroy PR

You've seen them sell out Townsville's Otherwise Bar. You've heard their smash EP The Wire Room. Their 'Do You Want It?' single got you rattlin' down the street. And now North QLD's highest rising stars are here to break hearts with there latest single, 'Shattered.' A big departure from their last single, 'Shattered' trades out the chugging & headbang whiplash for raw authenticity, apprehension and a huge vocal delivery.

According to the band, the song captures themes of loss, conflict & heartbreak:

“We wanted to mimic the gradually building intensity of a relationship with the instrumentation behind the lyrics. Starting off soft and sombre with the initial thoughts after meeting someone, slowly adding more layers and sounds as that person starts growing into your life, delving into them on a deeper level, and a silence, building tension, before feelings are shared and you commit yourself to them, unprepared and unknowing, waiting for their response.”

The way they have emulated that building intensity of a relationship is sublime, with the guitar guiding us, slow and jangly. Matt's strong lungs push us onwards until they burst. The snare kicks in and tears ignite. Musically, it sounds like if MCR was fronted by Jeff Buckley. I'm talkin' old old MCR, with huge 'Early Sunsets Over Monroeville' & 'Desert Song' vibes. The pipes Matt is bringing to the table are just ridinkidonk. Each and every member brings a heart shaped vase to the studio and breaks it, roses ungiven.

Touching on their writing process, the band peeled back the edges and gives us a peek into how the song was written:

“Ideas usually grow from the weird and wonderful mind of our lead singer and guitarist, Matt. A riff or chord progression emerges, a bassline and some drums get programmed, and then he sends the idea out, and we build from there. Our writing process is only half the fun, performing our songs is a whole other story.”

The band are known for their huge live presence

The song is available everywhere from April 1st and you can keep up to date with the boys on all their social media. Grab some headphones and give your heart a hug, because 'Shattered' is going to give it goosebumps. Be fortune's fool this April Fool's Day and strap on your crying goggles. Big thinks to Hidden Pillars for the crooning shivers. Great track guys, and I can't wait to see what you rustle up next.

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