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PREMIERE: honest dan 'chris rock'

honest dan
Image: honest dan by Billie-Jean Bullard

I remember the first time I drank coffee. I burnt my tongue and vowed to never drink it again. I now drink the bean juice four times a day. I'm addicted. A similar experience could be said for honest dan's 'chris rock'.

With the number on hit on Google for 'honest dan chris rock' being an article titled, 'Chris Rock Gets Brutally Honest About Porn Addiction and Cheating on His Wife' it's safe to say little exists on the ether about Melbourne's honest dan, but to be honest, that's what makes his whole schtick even more appealing.

A self described "jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none" comes jittering out of the stables with an endearingly jarring yet deliciously addictive tune that you might find abrasive at first, but in a good exfoliating kind of way.

The single wears a vintage audio aesthetic that feels like someone has asked The Beatles to write a jingle for an arcade game, with a nostalgic yet vibrant soul oozing through each line. You feel like it could burst open at any point but instead it remains a beautifully restrained and light hearted ditty, both sonically and lyrically.

In his own words, 'chris rock' is a love song, but against the convention of love songs it is a platonic celebration of the bond I share with my best friend chris, explored through metaphors relating to his favourite seasoning, salt (which is a rock). Which is an incredibly convoluted, yet I'm so here for it, metaphor. From now on I will only rate my friendships via sodium levels.

It's the fun, lightheartedness that makes honest dan so charming. Taking quite literally everything with a pinch of salt, it's hard not to feel that playfulness.

If you're picking up what honest dan is putting down, head over to his Instagram on 17 November - he's celebrating the release with a livestream and tbh we couldn't be more excited.

With only three released singles, the indie rock (salt) superstar is still on the rise. Though with this unique voice and sound, honest dan is filling a gap in the market that I didn't even know existed, but now that I do, I never want it to be empty again.

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