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PREMIERE: Lunar Syrup Are 'All I Ever Wanted' With Dreamy New Single

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Image Courtesy of Footstomp Music

'All I Ever Wanted' is the final single ahead of Gold Coast sweet dreamers Lunar Syrup's debut album. The album is quite a special release, as it drops with an accompanying 50-page novella, titled Distant Echoes. The song is part of an ensemble with 2021's 'Architect of Dreams' & 'A Place to Occupy,' which smacked us in the ear tubes earlier this year. Together, these three songs combine like a mighty Power Rangers Zord and go hand-in-hand with chapter 2 of the accompanying literature.

Novel & song fusion aside, what else is different about this song? Well the vocals smack you in the balls and the guitar solo puts hair on your chest. The track grabs you by the short and curlies and takes you on a mystical journey with distorted lyric, shoegazey dream-freak strings and enough shuffle on the drums to count cards. Produced by frontman Jake Fox, and mixed & mastered by Blake Malone, the track was recorded in various locations around the Gold Coast hinterland, including Machine Lab Studios, Elliot Hahn's studio in Beechmont, and Jake Fox's own Currumbin home studio.

The lyrics dawned on Jake during a trek in Peru while travelling in South America. The track relates to the novella, but it is also about "having a taste of the life you want to be living and chasing it." Jake touched on the track:

"We hope this song lifts listeners energy up at the beginning of the Album but I also hope the sharp chorus is catchy and gets people listening to the lyrics and feeling empowered."

'All I Ever Wanted' is certainly empowering. It's catchy and energetic and punchy and contains thirty cups of Milo. The track is the perfect way to usher in their debut album, dropping one week ahead of the record & book. You can listen to 'All I Ever Wanted' from the safety of your blankets, snuggled with cat in-hand from March 18th. But the real fun begins the following week when the whole album drops into our greedy little mitts on the 25th. Catch the aural wizards from Lunar Syrup on their social media platforms, so you can keep up to date with 'All I Ever Wanted,' the album launch, the Distant Echoes page-turner and all their upcoming gigs. Thanks for the tasty track guys, Big Dog was hungry.

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