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PREMIERE: Monet’s Pond Paints A Dreamy Picture In Debut Single, ‘Floating In Air’

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Magical and mesmerizing, Monet’s Pond has launched herself into the scene with her showstopping debut single, ‘Floating In Air’. Emerging from Brisbane, Monet’s Pond fosters the hallmarks of Australia’s storytelling scene, combining the essence of truthful songwriting with the inspiring intertwinement of genres in order to capture, communicate and connect. ‘Floating In Air’ implements all this and more, making it a dreamy yet informative piece of art.

Combining the elements of neo-psychedelia, dream-pop, and a taste of indie-rock, ‘Floating In Air’ is a mixing pot of influences that has rightfully boiled away to create a new flavour- and one that is so moreish. Complimenting each other kindly, distant and atmospheric vocals sit upon the shoulders of fuzzy and soothing guitars, immersing you in a heavenly soundscape as the track navigates through its entrancing story. Fluctuating synths and smooth transitions between the verse and the chorus make this song an uninterrupted moment of feeling.

Even in its dream-like state, ‘Floating In Air’ still flies close to the earth as Monet’s Pond flashes her storytelling prowess. Reflectively, the song discusses the importance of protecting oneself from the many facets of toxic relationships, and the damage toxicity can cause on our own individual beings.

‘Floating In Air’ is all about protecting your energy from energy vampires, plus the importance of getting rid of toxic relationships. The line 'because I gave you all my soul, it feeds your energy, makes me feel old’, reflects on how tiring manipulative friendships can truly be.

With an undeniable sense of beauty, an important message, and an ethereal tone, ‘Floating In Air’ is a special kind of song, connecting the real to a musical otherworldly state- combining the personal level of storytelling with the endless creative powers of music.

You can check out ‘Floating In Air’ at Monet’s Pond Single Launch show in Brisbane on Thursday the 22nd of July at O'Skulligans! Find more details here!

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