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PREMIERE: Second Idol Soothe The Soul With Video For ‘Out Of Time’

Photo by Katherine Rooke

Second Idol has been storming through 2021, unleashing a sound so fresh and reinventing the boundaries to fit their own individual image. Culminating to their EP, ‘Defence Mechanisms’, the band has opened up, leaving their sound and style on the table for all to hear. Their focus track, ‘Out Of Time’ and the accompanying video magnify this very notion, and get us even closer and more personal with the band!

Channeling a 90’s nostalgia, this track sees Second Idol successfully endeavor in their hope to blend the old with the new, creating a sound comfortingly vibrant. With an ethereal and entrancing riff, as well as powerful and enchanting choruses, this song is never dull. Instead, ‘Out Of Time’ pulls you through a majestic set of verses and choruses to lead you to an overwhelming finale that is passionate, driven, and captivating.

""We wanted to create a performance-based clip that borrows from the aesthetic and energy of Nine Inch Nails “March of the Pigs'. The idea was to present the liminal space of the band as a live entity. Given the reputation we’ve garnished as a compelling live act, we wanted to document the energy that exists between us on stage and put that at the forefront of our presentation as a band.”

Accompanying this track is a simplistic but endearing video clip that leaves no room to hide. As a viewer, we are able to see the band work with all their unique dynamics and specialized skills along the way. It acts as a beautiful insight and vulnerable visual that aids us in knowing a little more about the band that is sweeping the Australian alternative-rock scene. True to their rock roots, the video has a large focus on themselves and the instrumentals- the creation of the song through a lens of simplicity! Lovable and charming, this video is a must-watch peak into the band that is Second Idol!

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