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PREMIERE: Snowcats Breathe Life With ‘Respire’ Video

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You've heard of Thunder Cats. You've heard of Doja Cat(s). But have you heard of Snowcats? They plopped out their beautiful dream-pop-meets-indie-folk groove, 'Respire' back in November. And now the ethereal rhythms get paired up with a dreamy visual feast in their latest music video.

Hailing from Archerfield, on Brisbane's South-side, the four-piece have perfectly encapsulated one word with this track: Haunting. The beat and verse comes in and out, like a record off-centre on a phonograph. Like a memory all alone in the moonlight, the singular character stands solitary, delivering the words, as we peer voyeuristically. We feel their discomfort. We can hear the jarring syncopation, with bars that come in a beat early and roll on top of each other. I like it. It's nightmarish, charming, cascading, dreamy & disconcerting. But never too much. Always, it keeps moving forward, grabs at our attention, and will dispel each wave of unease, just as quickly as it caused them.

The track began as a project of the songsmith, Alex Edwards (Guitar & Vocals), and Genevieve Walden (Piano) and evolved into the lurching dream-weaver we hear today. Snowcats have quite the impressive resume of Brisbane mainstay music joints under their belt, having played at King Lear's Throne, Tomcat, Archive, The Cave Inn, Uh-Oh and the Woolly Mammoth. Everyone's favourite haunts. If you've played at Tomcat and The Cave, then I know you're going to sound sick. And I was not disappointed when I plugged my headphones in and was whisked away by the alpine kitties.

So make a beeline for the feline, and chuck a listen to Snowcats today. You won't have any regrets. They have a debut EP coming in March, so get in first so you can say you knew them before it was cool. Snowcats have some freaky wizardry coming your way. There's a storm comin' Harry, we'd all best be ready when she does.

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