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Premiere: SYCAMORE Find Their Sound With New Single ‘Cross Me Out’

SYCAMORE are picking up the tempo to round-out a rather mixed-bag of a year and finish it with a much needed bang! Their latest track ‘Cross Me Out’ will tick a lot of people’s boxes this summer and acts as a delightfully unexpected addition to their discography. Their debut single ‘Release’ was a thoughtful indie-rock ballad which caused that slow, crashing head bang upon listening; it's the closing credits track to the SYCAMORE movie.

And if that’s the case, then ‘Cross Me Out’ is the trailer song, the opening credits track that's in all the fan-edited montages of the SYCAMORE story; it’s a crowd-pleaser for sure and it's with some HUGE excitement that we can give you its first spin.

We had the chance to ask the guys about how they viewed the disparity between these two tracks and where the inspiration from.

The lyrics in ‘Cross Me Out’ were inspired by spending time with a mate and trying to cheer them up when they're coming down. It's more upbeat and that reflects the optimism in the song and is a taste of our debut EP due out in February. We wanted to put out ‘Release’ during isolation as the ballad-style of the song suited what we were feeling during that time. The song is from a first-person point of view of needing to break free from the usual day to day grind. Each person has their own release and we leave the song up to their interpretation and have found a lot of people have connected to this.  

This sense of development and push towards higher energy tunes is only complimented by the story of their humble up-bringing and movement towards the live scene.

“Nestled in the Adelaide foothills is a street named Sycamore where a trio of brothers, two of blood, have been playing to an audience of rosellas and lorikeets since primary school. At that time, they were busy practicing covers to entertain their mates at parties. 

Since then, they have conjured a sound that is certainly shaped by the music they cut their teeth on. Tested at local gigs and parties, SYCAMORE are ready to share their pulsing sound of tight rhythm, melodic vocals and punchy guitars.”

And what is the music they cut their teeth on?

Having played together for such a long time smashing out covers at parties, our sound is definitely shaped by the songs we used to play by bands like The Black Keys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Violent Soho, Queens of the Stone Age and others like Kingswood, Hoodoo Gurus and Powderfinger.

Considering SYCAMORE‘s origin story and their evolving sound and in the wake of Year 12 exams, we asked them what advice they would give to any young aspiring artists or bands.

Take every gig you can because experience and confidence on stage counts for a lot in our eyes. And lastly, don't let anyone tell you what to do with your music!

The pristine percussion, resonant vocals and sturdy guitars which define the SYCAMORE sound take centre stage. The boys have just upped the tempo to produce a track which (yes, I’ll say it again) is getting me super keen to see more live shows. We asked the guys about how COVID has influenced and/or hindered their creative process and how a lack of live shows has effected them.

It's definitely helped us knuckle down in the studio to write and record our EP during this period. COVID hasn't influenced the meaning of any of our songs as we wanted to focus on what life is like out of lockdown. Hailing from Adelaide, we haven't had the extended lockdowns that other states and countries have had and we are definitely grateful for that. We managed to sneak in a gig in August with standing (no dancing...) but COVID has sucked the life out of our live shows with no mosh pits and the crowd getting amongst it.  

And hopefully it’s not long now until we can do just that.

If you’re looking for something to add to your Sunday Sesh playlist and can be caught jamming to Aussie-rock faves like TOTTY, Dear Seattle, or Jet, this is one to get around. So sit back, have a spin and keep an eye on rising stars SYCAMORE.

SYCAMORE listening party

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Saturday 14th November

Belair National Park, SA

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