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Project BEXX Unifies Us Through Rage And Rebellion In Latest Single, ‘Don’t Touch Me’

With an ever-expanding list of jaw-dropping achievements under her belt, Project BEXX continues to justify her success with authentic and inspiring tunes. The latest from the Perth artist, ‘Don’t Touch Me’, is an untamed and unquestionable display of unwavering force and musical prowess. This instantaneous earworm does not merely entertain with its vibrancy and pure emotion, but radiates onto every listener, turning your earphones into a rage room for its four-minute run time, and counting. Ranging from a track to let off a bit of steam, to a track that makes you question the problems that surround you, ‘Don’t Touch Me’ is the anthem to whichever struggles encompass you, and is sure to back you up when facing your biggest battles.

From the get-go, there is a nostalgic flair within the track’s anthemic beat, fostering a 90s to 2000s whimsical energy. This immediately gets sucker-punched by the track's hard-hitting themes that see our present time questioned. The heavy computer voice alongside BEXX’s rageful, and emotively human vocals create an insane tonal contrast that truly lifts this song to a new dimension. As the song really begins, it is clear to see a sense of individualism and the self rise. ‘Don't Touch Me’ is an unashamed anthem of rage, equity, and fighting for what you deserve, because it’s okay to be angry. Through its powerful presentation, the track truly makes you stop and think- why is everything pop and electronic so happy? Project BEXX elucidates a thought-provoking question that truly sticks for the entirety of the listen.

A captivating beat lures you for the whole track, in particular, the unrelenting background drums. However, what really kept me intrigued was BEXX’s use of the platform, intertwining powerful and meaningful lyricism into her discussion of rage, including systematic oppression and mental health. The track intertwines old music culture with present culture; the sounds of the past that are accepted are tied with the injustices of today that must prevail through turmoil. Although at its simplest the track is a punchy electronic feat, when you truly listen, BEXX reaches a clever and necessary dichotomy to tackle important themes through her track.

"'Don't Touch Me'empowers anyone who listens to it to feel like the master of their own life, and that they can dismantle any systems or situations where they want to see change. It’s all about that POWER, STRENGTH & PASSION baby." exclaims Project BEXX

‘Don't Touch Me’ is a must-listen and is streaming now!

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