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Psychobabel Brings Chaotic Energy With 'Chaotic Neutral'

Photo: Psychobabel by Sammy Pearson

Melbourne garage band Psychobabel are back with a brand new single that brings the band’s signature energy and chaos we’ve come to love. Aptly titled ‘Chaotic Neutral’, the new track is the band’s first single for 2020 and it’s a banger.

Psychobabel released their first single back in 2017 and since then, they've been perfecting their craft by releasing a slew of singles and performing across Australia. According to their bio, the band is conceptual and bases their character around lead vocalist Leah Romero's views. Given this concept, their name is a perfect description.

As soon as 'Chaotic Neutral' starts, you know you're in for a ride filled with doom-y guitars and twisted lyrics. In fact, the psychedelia of it all is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys from their Humbug era and given the track’s theme of fears, it also perfectly captures a halloween-esque vibe.

Speaking of the track, Romero says, "The chorus touches on feeling like you’re not being seen or heard by those around you, and having to constantly prove yourself, as well as themes of sleep paralysis.”

“While the world around her is more chaotic than she has ever experienced, there is an overwhelming sense of calm as she continues to try and unpack human emotions, this time around trying to understand fear,” explains Romero of the character's current chapter.

Yet the song’s dark tone doesn’t diminish its danceability, baring an atmosphere that begs to witnessed live. The chorus has an accessible quality to it that allows for casual listeners of the genre to sing along and rage at the same time. This is the track’s biggest strength and it seems to be what Psychobabel does best.

While the band is fairly new, they’ve made significant traction within the live music scene. Just last year the band sold out headline single launch shows at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club & Workers Club. They also supported heavyweights like Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes and Earthless. So while you may not have heard their name, it’s clear they’re on their way to becoming a staple in Australian live music.

If you're a fan of psychedelic garage or if you're in need of a raging moment, this is the track for you. The intricate guitar riffs along with the haunting vocals really hit that sweet spot of horror-psych. If this is what we can expect from Psychobabel, the future is looking pretty sweet.

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