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Q&A: EUCA Is Set To Conquer 2021

Photo Credit @chris.nicolaou

EUCA is the Gold Coast singer-songwriter fluttering hearts with her sweet melodies and sincere lyricism. After setting the bar high with her debut single ‘Not Champagne’ in 2020, EUCA has dropped two more gorgeous tracks. In her new single ‘Spite’, EUCA incorporates pop-rock and folk to share her thoughts on self-improvement and self-reflection. EUCA will be headlining ‘The Butterfly Effect, presented by Ungrained, at Brisbane's Tomcat on May 1st. This is the first edition of an exciting new monthly series shining a spotlight on Queensland’s emerging female and non-binary artists. In the lead up to this exciting gig, we were itching to ask EUCA some questions about how she works her magic.

Brisbane has a very tight knit music scene, how did you get involved with Butterfly Effect?

"Luck, I suppose! My booking agent at Tiny Minds Agency let me know that Ungrained wanted me to headline The Butterfly Effect, and I was so so keen to jump on board right away. I actually have a private gig beforehand that I had no hesitation to committing to make both work. No way would I want to miss out on being part of such an awesome gig."

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your debut single ‘Spite’?

"When I’ve been through hardships and breakdowns of relationships, my instinctive response is bitter at times. I operate well and happily under the muse of ’success is the best revenge’ and this song is about that motivation. It’s about working hard even when times are tough. The lyrics are also just a bit of a laugh - “but you’ll know the words some day, I bet” - I’m just happy writing music and working on myself, knowing they would be watching and listening."

How would you describe your sound? Who are your biggest musical influences?

"Pop-rock with a lot of folk influence. I am a lyricist first always and I like that to be the focus of my music. And that being said my influences don’t necessarily correlate with my end-product. Some really important musicians to me that come to mind right away are James Blake, Missy Higgins, Middle Kids, Julia Jacklin and Ball Park Music."

What's your favourite gig you’ve played to date?

"I want to say Creepshow for Halloween because I looovvvedddd getting to dress up in the theme. But my bassist wasn’t with us yet! So I have to say Sunday Harvest. I think I have a bit of a thing for day-shows."

What have you got planned for this year?

EP! Tour! Music! All the good stuff. Can’t wait to get it all rolling.

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