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Q&A: Getting ‘Deep Down’ with Evangie

Photo from Geniie Jam Media

In just her second single, Evangie has made waves, showcasing her natural artistry and powerful storytelling capabilities, excelling far beyond the glimpses we have seen in her growing discography! Her latest release, ‘Deep Down’ offers a profound insight into the feelings of longing and abandonment, all powerfully presented through her meaningful songwriting and inspiring vulnerability. Through a haunting soundscape, mesmerizing guitars, and Evangie’s delicate yet passionate vocals, ‘Deep Down’ is sure to take you away!

We had a chat with Evangie about all things surrounding ‘Deep Down’!

‘Deep Down’ marks your second single to be released into the world! How does it feel to be expanding your image as a musician / what does this release mean to you?

It feels so exciting to release another single and give people a second taste of our sound. It’s been a while since 'Japan' was released so it will be good to have another song to our name, something else that shows where our sound can develop. This release is special to me because we’ve had this song for a while now, and it’s always been an audience favourite at live shows as well as being one of my favourite lyrical pieces I’ve written.

Was there anything you took from the release of ‘Japan’ that improved or shifted the trajectory of this single?

In the time since 'Japan' was released, I have really changed both in music and myself, so I wanted this release to be something I was really happy with! I never wanted to release just for the sake of releasing so I really waited until something felt right, which 'Deep Down' did, and does.

‘Deep Down’ holds some incredibly vulnerable tones, and works well to also conjure up some personal feelings of anxiety with gradual tempo increases etc. How important is it to you that your songs get audiences to not just listen, but experience the feelings at hand?

I love creating a soundscape with my band that you almost get sucked into. When I’ve heard other songs that do this, it makes listening to it an experience in itself, something that you really get stuck into and kind of come out the other side feeling a bit different. I hope that’s what I’ve achieved with this one, but that’s always my goal.

You have been open about mental health struggles during your quickly blossoming music career- do you find that your music acts as an escapism and an accessible vessel to air some of these truths?

It’s definitely a good way for me to talk about things that are going on inside of my head. I think it’s not necessarily about people knowing what I’m going through and a way for me to communicate it, it’s a bit like journaling, getting the mess inside my head onto paper instead, to clear some space inside.

‘Deep Down’ features clever lyrics (like the beautiful extended metaphors). When did songwriting first become a passion of yours, and how did you go about developing it?

I only really got into songwriting when I started studying it at university. When I was younger I would attempt to write little songs that were just on paper, and I think I wrote my first rock song in my last year of school, and it was really really bad haha. My love for it really blossomed in university, I felt really drawn to songwriting.

If you had any advice for aspiring singer-songwriters, what would it be?

I think to not be harsh on yourself with your writing, improvement comes through repetition, and to have influences, but to never be the same as someone else. Individuality and uniqueness is the most important thing in every aspect of life, and that is what truly shines.

With ‘Deep Down’ now making an entrance into the music scene of 2021, what do you hope listeners take away from the track?

I’d love for listeners to hear the different sounds that Evangie has, and as always, I hope that if people relate to the lyrics, that they don’t feel so lonely in how they may be feeling or have felt about something in the past.

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