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Q&A: Hallie Lays Down All The Facts About ‘Lip Balm’

Photo Credit: @madeline.a.randall

With her incredible storytelling prowess and her ability to connect, Hallie’s latest release, ‘Lip Balm’, has become a track that resonates with many. A kooky twist on the typical heartbreak anthem, this release continues to hold the same universality whilst also giving light to the unique and loveable features of Hallie’s music. It’s hard not to be swooned by the delicate vocals and infectious melodies… we surely couldn't stay away!

We had a chat with Hallie about all things ‘Lip Balm’... down to her favourite one!

Your new single ‘Lip Balm’ has arrived and it’s certainly resonated with people, whether it be their heartbreak anthem or just an enjoyable song. How has the reception been for you and how does it make you feel that people resonate with the track?

I’m superrrr happy with the reception!! When I first wrote LB I remember showing my family and making them sing along and chant the chorus with me. Now to have people posting videos of them singing along, it feels like my little day dreams are coming to life!

The track delves into a sense of self-awareness. What’s the most difficult thing about opening up within your music?

For me, especially with this track, it’s that sometimes with honesty and opening up comes hurt for the person I’m singing about- I like to draw from VERY personal experience haha. Otherwise, I am pretty comfortable opening up and don’t want to sugar-coat anything I’m feeling!

You hold such a strong storytelling prowess; why is your songwriting so important to you and what have you learned about the storytelling experience in music?

Thank you! Songwriting feels really important to me because I’ve often found it’s the place I feel the most free to be myself - no expectation or external bullshit, just me. I’ve learned and still am learning that your songwriting is best when you’re not thinking - when you’re just feeling and having fun- enjoying the experience ‘cause YOU LOVE it, not ‘cause you have to.

You’ve released some stellar tracks, such as ‘Fairy Bread’ and of course now ‘Lip Balm’. Has the reception of these tracks placed any expectations or restrictions on your creativity to replicate what people liked, or do you put belief in an ever-changing personal sound?

GOOD QUESTION- something I’ve definitely worked through this year. I think sometimes I’m so in love with one of my songs and how it makes me feel that I do try and replicate it! I remember talking about this with one of my friends earlier in the year and they said ‘there never will be another ‘Fairy Bread’ and that’s why ‘Fairy Bread’ is special’, and now I live by that with all my songs.

On a lighter note, you released an iconic music video to follow ‘Lip Balm’. Describe the filming process and/ or a super memorable moment from the process!

Omg, the Kath and Kim moment, SO FUN! I grew up watching ‘Kath and Kim’ and so did my manager and the video director Madeline Randall. Originally it was just gonna be one little reference in the video but we all got overly excited and somehow it ended up being everything hahaha! Lots of GREAT moments, but the first one that comes to mind was dancing around the street in the Kath work-out fit and the school mums and kids driving past laughing and clapping- someone even stopped and was telling us a good spot to shoot. Felt like the whole neighbourhood was part of this video.

It would seem a missed opportunity not to ask, so… what is your favourite, your go-to Lip Balm?

ECO LIPS, pomegranate flavour (or all the flavours are pretty incredible).

Where does this single take you to next?

Next I have some shows coming up, going to Townsville soon to play a festival which feels surreal! And maybe another track or 2 this year hehe….

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