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Q&A: Juniper Stone Creates The Perfect Escapsim With Latest Offering, ‘Moonchild’

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Dreamy and soothing, Juniper Stone’s latest offering is the perfect escapism- a touch of calm in this ever chaotic world. ‘Moonchild’ sees Juniper Stone delve into a world of lofi beats, intoxicating jazz, and most importantly, a special Juniper touch that sees this artist assert their growing signature sound. Exuding a relaxed and calming vibe, ‘Moonchild’ produces energy that fills all of your senses, gearing you up for not merely an average listen, but a whole-body experience. Stone shows off his mesmerizing vocals that while equally delicate and powerful, provoke emotion within the listener with absolute ease. ‘Moonchild’ truly offers a taste of some of this singer-songwriter's most impeccable work to date!

We spoke to Juniper Stone about the latest release and the journey to this solo project!

This project sees you fulfill solo endeavors! What does this creative freedom mean to you, and more importantly, how has it allowed you to grow as an artist?

What I love about having a solo project is that I’ve been able to convey the sounds and feelings in my head a bit more clearly I like a lot of different genres of music and try to draw specific elements and tones from them to try to compile a new sound. One element from this would be the Lofi hip hop drum grooves and tones whilst another would be the harmony and instrumentation from a lot of Neo-Soul and Jazz. Having this solo project has definitely helped me grow by trying to play and learn the roles as many new instruments, at the same time I also love collaborating with other musicians to record instruments I don’t have the musicianship to play such as the Sax on ‘Moonchild’ and the Trumpet on my prior single ‘Patterns’.

‘Moonchild’ marks the third release! Where did the major inspiration come from?

I’ve always enjoyed softer music like ambient soundscapes, Lofi hip hop, and meditation music but at the same time, I also enjoy music with a bit more groove and motion like Neo Soul, psych-pop/rock, and jazz. I think it more so came from me just listening to music and then just working with what I knew how to do on my instruments and production.

Did you see your creative process differ when creating and releasing this third track?

I feel like right before it I got way more into production and tones of instruments, I think that definitely became more of a focus on ‘Moonchild’. I’ve normally started my songs just guitar and vocals trying to write a song and then arranging instruments around it, but on this track, I definitely constructed it in more of a beat style fashion that I then turned into a song. Starting the track with the drums and then adding layers.

‘Moonchild’ fosters such a warmth in its calm and chilled energy- and most of your tracks tend to convey a certain mood or feeling! How important is it to you that people feel what you feel in these tracks?

I definitely create the tracks based on a feeling I’m trying to convey, however, I don’t really aim for someone listening to feel the same way which is what I think is beautiful about music, different people can resonate with the same song in two completely different ways one feeling quite calm and whimsical, whilst another person may feel more emotional and melancholic. If something I’ve made has made anyone feel anything at all I think that’s quite special.

On a similar note, does it ever get difficult conveying these set feelings when performing these songs live, when the energy is different?

This is a big one for sure, the music is more gentle and mellow than most live bands, that I go and watch at least. Juniper Stone is definitely more of a recording project than a live one, however, I’m still working on the live set with my band trying to workshop the sound into more of a live show. I think the addition of live drums brings up the energy in the room for sure. Our first gig with the full live band is coming up on the 5th of February at the Bearded Lady if ya wanna come ;)

The saxophone is an irresistible touch to the track! Has this instrumentation always been something you wanted to explore and utilize?

I’ve always loved Jazz music, horns and woodwinds are definitely a big part of that sound which is why I included it on the track. A lot of the new music in 2022 will have similar sounds within the songs although they might be a bit more subtle so you’ll have to listen out for them.

Who have acted as your biggest influences to your career thus far?

I’d say my friends to be honest. They’re all really talented musicians who are definitely an inspiration to get better and grow with. In terms of artists though I’ve been told I sound a bit like HOMESHAKE who was a big favourite in high school although I don’t really hear it when I listen to my music.

If you had to describe ‘Moonchild’ to someone who has not yet listened, how would you describe it?

I’d say it’s the type of song that shines through best early in the morning or late at night. Whether you want to relax and wind down or feel welcomed into your day.
Hopefully, it’ll make you feel the bliss feeling that rain makes me feel :)

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