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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

LÂLKA is easily one of my favourite discoveries from BIGSOUND back in September. Her set brought so much energy to my first night of BIGSOUND that I couldn’t help but instantly become a fan. I personally think of her as the best possible mash up of Grimes & Charli XCX – electro pop with hip hop influences.

We were able to have a chat with LÂLKA recently about her time at BIGSOUND, her unique sound, new music and more! Read on and give her a listen – you won’t regret it.

The first time I heard your music was during your first set a BIGSOUND. What stood out to me was how unique, and I’m assuming personal, your style and aesthetic was. I really enjoyed it and I feel like it was also reflected in your show. Could you explain to me that unique style and aesthetic and how you’ve developed it over the years?

My style/aesthetic has evolved over the years as I've developed/changed as a human being, and I think that's pretty natural. I like to think of clothes as armour.  

Speaking of BIGSOUND – How was the experience for you? I loved your set, the energy you bring to the stage made me an instant fan. The fact you even had a violin ready to go as well was fantastic. It was my first show of the week and it kicked it off on such a fantastic note.

Thanks, that's so great to hear! Performing those showcases was such a blast, I had so much fun. It was also so nice to catch up with other interstate artist friends. 

In your own words, could you please describe your DIY ethic? Does this present challenges to you? Does it make the final release so much more satisfying?

I like being in control, and I get a lot of satisfaction from making my own music and art. It gives me full autonomy. The only challenge is sometimes trying to find solutions to roadblocks getting in the way of my vision, but that's all part of the DIY process, so I just roll with it..

I think it is fantastic that you’re using your platform to make an effort to push and support other women in the creative industries. How have your experiences with that been? Have you had any big wins or struggles?

I really admire the women I've worked with for what they've done in their own respective creative fields (fashion design, styling, photography, hair and makeup, music) because I know how hard it is to be independent and creative. I don't see the point in being reserved with my support for other creatives, regardless of gender, who are killing it. 

Unfortunately since I live in Brisbane I was not able to make your recent show at the National Gallery of Victoria – but from what I have seen and all accounts it was a fantastic night and you were amazing. What did that mean to you to be part of such a unique event? How did it all come about?

I love art so it was super cool to play at the venue. The NGV hit me up at the start of the year to play a gig. 


I remember seeing on your Instagram story once you discussing how you and your music was perceived in your community. Would you be able to talk a little bit about that and the challenges that come with it?

Growing up in a conservative community made it difficult to fully express who I was. Fortunately though music I've found another community of creatives who are so ready to embrace and support me. 


NEW MUSIC! I love Bang Bang. I understand that you wrote the song after you had been playing some summer festivals. How did the experience of FOMO and Laneway help influence its sound?

I actually wrote it before I played the summer festivals but it was the perfect type of song for summer festivals because it's just so fun.  

Go Psycho is probably my favourite track. I love how it seems to jump all over the place but still maintains such high energy. What was it like during the creative process? Could you just tell me about the inspiration behind it?

I began writing the song on plane - my quiet aggressive rapping got me some weird looks from other passengers! I finished the song, sent it to Haxx (from Kult Kyss) to get his input sonically and the vocals to Donatachi to do more magic on. They're 2 producers I really admire and am proud to call friends, so I'm so stoked that they wanted to work on the track. Inspiration wise it was more a vibe that I was after in the song - aggressive, punchy yet have that sugar rush.  

I’d love to know what has influenced your unique style. Do you have any artists you really love and relate to that have helped you grow your sound?

Grimes. SOPHIE. Charli XCX. Slayyyter. Cashmere Cat. Noga Erez.


Anything else you would like to discuss or put out there?

I'm working on an EP, so there's definitely more music to come!




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