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Q&A: Late November Fly High With ‘Bird Brain’!

Photo from Kesheena Barr

Embedding each track with a sense of feeling, comfort and authenticity, Late November has become renowned for their heightened sense of connection and inescapable sense of relatability. Their latest single, ‘Bird Brain’ proves no different, stripping back to a grimy alt-rock-infused core that we love so dearly. With sharp vocals and attentive beats, this track demands to be heard, sharing important notes about feelings of isolation, displacement, and the universality of such topics.

We spoke to Late November about ‘Bird Brain’- from its hatching point to its soaring status as one of the band’s leading singles!

‘Bird Brain’ is equally melancholic and cathartic! What is some of the major inspiration for this track?

The song was inspired by a photo of an ibis that Kodie took a few years back. Sonically we were very inspired by Hockey Dad and their high-energy guitar strumming.

It’s easy to escape within the all-encompassing and soaring instrumentals of ‘Bird Brain’! What’s your writing and recording process like? Do the lyrics come first, or musical ideas, or a mix?

Our process varies from song to song. For 'Bird Brain' the title came first, followed by the chord progression/strumming pattern, then the lyrics were added last. We demo'd the song first, re-recorded it in Cairns with Big Sister Studios. Then re-recorded certain parts later on by ourselves before getting the final tracks mixed and mastered by our good friend Hayden Dunlop.

This single is the first taste of your upcoming EP! Does this lead single encapsulate the EP pretty well, or should we expect some more twists and turns along the way?

We think 'Bird Brain' has a unique space in the EP, whilst fitting in nicely with the overall theme. You can definitely expect something progressively different from each single coming forth.

What does this EP mean to you personally, what does it communicate about you as a band?

We believe the EP represents our inner ambitions to push ourselves further, both mentally and physically in order to make something greater of ourselves and our Townsville art scene.

The band is delving into their EP in the midst of what has been a pretty tumultuous year! What has this uncertain time taught you about the band, your music, or even each other!

This year has taught us that our friendship within the band and local support base is stronger than we ever imagined. With the help and guidance of each other and those close to us we have been able to develop a clearer vision of where we are going as a band, despite this challenging year.

You guys have an incredible reputation for your live performances! How does this translate onto your recorded tracks / how do you bring an essence of this into the recorded track?

Capturing our live energy has often been a struggle for us. However, we have also been super fortunate to work with producers that have a really great understanding of our live shows and know how to help us capture that energy on the recordings.

Speaking of live acts, you've shared the stage with many incredible performers! Is there any certain act that is on your live act bucket list (and why)?

There are too many live acts we love to name them all. One act, in particular, would be Lime Cordiale's Squeezed Fest. The fact that the band has their own festival and are touring the country with it opens our eyes to what can be achieved as an independent Australian band.

Late November is all about authenticity. When did you realize this was an integral feature for the band and to you, what does it mean to be authentic in your music?

We realized authenticity was integral when we found ourselves wasting time and energy on aspects of our lives and music that don't make us happy, or fulfilled in any way. All we can do is be ourselves, share our stories and keep our vision clear and by doing so, the music maintains authenticity.

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