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Q&A: Molly Millington Chats Screen Time and Her Latest Track 'October'

Following up on her recent tour with the iconic Thelma Plum, Molly Millington is back with her latest track ‘October’. Hailing from Central Coast NSW, Molly has wasted no time making her mark on the indie pop scene since her debut in 2020. Blending sentimental themes with edgy pop soundscapes, Molly’s authentic sound is infectious and high in demand.

A sweet tale of romantic misadventure and young love, 'October' warms your heart with gorgeous acoustic guitar and earthy vocals. Molly shared, “I wrote this song when I had the revelation that you can look back on memories fondly and not want to go back." From shimmering pop to indie folk, this track proves that Molly Millington as an extremely versatile artist with countless tricks up her sleeve.

We had a chat with Molly about her unique relationship with music and exciting plans for the future.

How did you first get started making music?

"I don’t entirely remember the exact moment but when I was 11 I sang in my school talent show. I was 14 when I started busking and really focusing on music."

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

"A tame acid trip with a message. My new song 'October' is a little more folk, heartfelt, and personal than my others though."

How do you stray from traditional pop to create your own unique indie sound?

"Well personally, I don’t make traditional pop music so straying away from it isn’t hard at all."

Is it true that you had a screen-free childhood? How did this shape your relationship with music and creativity?

"No, not completely. I had an extremely monitored screen time childhood. I didn’t know the news or normal TV existed until I was like 14 because we only watch Disney movies! Except that one time my brother made me watch JAWS when I was 13 and I was scared of taking baths for like a year! Little time on screens allowed me to pave my own creative path. I really just didn’t know about creative boundaries which I still don’t follow or believe in."

You've recently been touring with Thelma Plum, what has that experience been like?

"Amazing! Being able to play shows in different cities and beautiful venues every night in front of passionate crowds was such a surreal feeling. It really gives me a natural high! I miss it so much. It helps that Thelma is so welcoming and gorgeous because some people aren’t. I’m well aware I’m a bit odd."

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest track ‘October’?

"My first relationship I ever had was probably my forever but I was too young to know how good it was. I use to find myself looking back at it and wishing I knew what I know now, but recently I realised what’s really meant to be will be. I can still love and reminisce on the memories. “October" is about that."

What’s been the most memorable highlight of your music journey so far?

"I don’t think I can pick just one. Probably playing Byron Bay Blues Festival when I was 17, working with Nick Didia and touring with Thelma Plum."

What’s coming up next for Molly Millington?

"It’s hard to know exactly because as you probably know, live music is a little sketchy at the moment. Hopefully live shows and an EP!"

Be sure to listen to 'October' and keep an eye on Molly Millington's socials for news from the ever-talented NSW artist.

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