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Q&A: Ruby Gilbert Makes The Most Of Her Time With Latest Project, ‘Die Young’

Since her debut in 2018, Ruby Gilbert has been mesmerizing listeners with her rich vocals and stunning compositional capabilities. Within her latest single, ‘Die Young’, the songstress amplifies her distinctive features to tell a tale of relationships, solitude, and finding peace with oneself. Ruby’s vocals are crammed with nostalgia and homeliness, yet still hold a refreshing and unique perspective on the genre she is consistently shifting, crossing time with her distinct touch. Deep, melancholic, and emotive, there is a palpable charm and charisma that exudes from ‘Die Young’, making it an enchanting listen.

We asked Ruby a few questions about songwriting, ‘Die Young’, and what comes next!

Your tracks tell a story, and ‘Die Young’ is certainly no exception! What does this track delve into?

‘Die Young’ is the progression after a relationship, where you realise you no longer need someone, and are content with being alone.

As a storyteller, do you think the subject matter of your tracks shifted trajectories over lockdown, or were you finding that some certain subject matter was being amplified? Basically, how did lockdown affect your songwriting?

I’m not very good at taking breaks, so I guess the lockdowns gave me an excuse to slow down and actually work on songwriting purely for the enjoyment of it without any expectations or for a particular outcome.

As a creative, how do you maintain inspiration when times are bleak? Do you have any advice for other songwriters and performers?

I looked at the pandemic as an opportunity to take up hobbies and work on my passions that I previously didn’t have time for. The bright side was I got to work on things without distractions.

Your voice is so hypnotizing and unique, making your tracks wonderlands to get lost in. Who were some of your key influences and more so, what helped you perfect your stunning vocal performance?

Thank you! I draw on a lot of old-school country influences like Hank Williams who perfected portraying heartbreak through his lyrics and voice. I’m also a massive fan of Marlon Williams and his otherworldly, crooner-style vocals.

In the spirit of the title ‘Die Young’, what is one thing you would LOVE to tick off of your bucket list?

I would love to travel to Nashville! I was meant to fly over in 2020 to songwrite and record music, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for next year.

What are the next steps after ‘Die Young’?

Touring nationally, and perhaps releasing another EP.

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