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Q&A: There's A Tuesday Stop Traffic With 'Bus Stop'

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New Zealand's finest There's A Tuesday have been turning heads and halting traffic with each release better than the last. Now, with their latest single 'Bus Stop' dropping and a zinger of a music video accompanying it, they're starting to make ripples all the way across the sea here in 'Straya.

About the music video, the band stated:

“We had no idea the people who worked there would be so enthusiastic about a bunch of teenagers causing traffic hazards around their work, one of the off-duty drivers Cory even lended us both his acting and driving chops. We are beyond excited to share this video with everyone <3”

Emotive & raw, this song is responsible for my own unrestrained tears and calling my mum at night to make sure someone loves me. Now, I have evolved into 'true-fan' status, regularly indulging my secret passion of punching play on tracks like 'Sound of the Stars' and the aforementioned 'Bus Stop.' It is genuinely hard to inject true emotion into music, and even more masterful to have listeners reciprocate. There's A Tuesday will make goosebumps of even the most hardened flesh.

I had the honour of getting the old One-Two from these Song Wizards of Lands Yonder, and with no small amount of glee do I relay their answers to you all:

The band’s name is so unique, where does it come from?

Thanks so much haha! It was initially actually ‘There’s A Tuesday Between A Monday And Between A Wednesday’ which takes an outrageously long time to say so we changed it to ‘There’s A Tuesday’. It is genuinely a fact that Tuesday is between Monday and Wednesday and that kind of cracked us up for some reason so we thought that it would be a fun name!

It’s been a long road since you guys won the Smokefree Rockquest in 2019 and released your sizzling debut EP Dance With Me Before We Cry. Can you tell us a little about yourselves and what you’ve been up to?

We love the adjective ‘sizzling’! Thank you for that! We’ve been having lots of fun with music in our lives and plenty of other fun stuff too! Joel is a builder and Gus, Min and Nat all study. In our spare time we love to hang out with each other and other friends and eat tofu and listen to Phoebe Bridgers.

We hear that you’ve got some new music cooking for us, and also some big tour plans. What can you tell us about this, and what can we expect from you guys in the upcoming future?

We have plenty of songs we cannot wait to release and are planning on putting out a six track EP in the near future! We truly can’t wait to share our new music and show everybody what we’ve been working on. There are some tours in the pipeline too which is super exciting as we love to play live! We are excited!!!!

I hear you were pulled over by the cops during the filming of your music video for ‘Bus Stop.’ That’s pretty hilarious. What was the story there, and how did you go with The Boys In Blue?

Haha yes we were! It was the last shot of the night which was perfect timing really! They pulled up next to us and were just like “what are you guys doing?” and Joel casually said “filming a music video” and we kept driving then suddenly the lights were flashing so we pulled over. They were actually super mellow and just said we had to stop which we were about to do anyway!

The video for ‘Bus Stop’ is just amazing. I am in love with the track, and the video compliments it so well. How did the direction and inspiration for the music video take shape?

Thank you so so much! That’s so kind! One of our managers Louis Godfrey came up with the concept, directed and edited it which was really cool! We love working with him because he has such an interesting vision on things and it’s always comfortable working with someone you know really well. He bought some bus seats and screwed them onto a petrol station trailer, chatted to the local bus centre and even organised for a lovely man to come drive the bus! It was a really fun day and we couldn't be more stoked with the final product!

You guys are signed to Benee’s record label, Olive Records. How did you come to meet her, and how did it all come about?

We met Stella at Rhythm and Alps last year as we were both playing that night. We spotted her watching our set from the crowd and got super excited. We hung out a wee bit after and then kind of kept in communication for the next couple months and she ended up asking us to sign with Olive which was so, so exciting for us. We love her music and love what she's all about so it's a total honour to be on Olive Records.

In your opinion, what effect did the pandemic have on NZ, and what advice would you offer an up-and-coming artist during these strange times for performance & music?

It was a tricky time for all no doubt! Live music has definitely been badly affected so that's a hard one for musicians. We tried to write a lot and we actually got offered some festivals we probably wouldn't have if international acts were coming. So for that we are super grateful. Our advice would be to try to keep creating music and listen to lots of it too but most of all to look after yourself. <3

Once international travel restrictions ease, will we ever see you here in Australia? We’d love to hear you in the flesh!! I for one can’t wait to cry my eyes out and get goosebumps in front of everyone at a live gig.

Oh we would absolutely love to come to Australia! That would be a total dream for us!!!! Aw that's way too kind - thank you! <3

Thanks again guys, and keep on shredding.

The track builds and builds and builds to a huge outpour, touching on themes of star-crossed heart break:

“Inspired by a human who takes the bus a great amount, ‘Bus Stop’ shares the story of two people who realise that being different to one another isn’t a reason to dismiss a conversation, relationship or experience. If anything, it’s about realising that certain dissimilarities are the difference needed to make a difference.”

I cannot recommend There's A Tuesday enough, and New Zealand readers will be lucky enough to see them tour in early 2022 with friend and senpai BENEE on the Aotearoa Tour.

Strap on your weeping goggles and flush out your tear ducts, There's A Tuesday are coming to a pair of headphones near you.

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