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Q&A - These albums changed Melbourne's 'Fan Girl'

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

In 2018 Melbournian rock posse Fan Girl were having the perfect year - they had released an indelible debut record Elephant Room, toured with Catfish & the Bottlemen, The Vines, and Birds of Tokyo on top of selling out headline shows in Melbourne's heartlands.

Yet tragedy struck during their tour when Jack Wood, Fan Girl's songwriter and best mate unexpectedly passed away.

The band went into hiatus to greive and to piece themselves together. What came of it was the brave step to the music scene with a newfound perspective and appreciation of each other and life itself.

They returned in bounds with punchy single 'Fox Song' and have now release another track 'Yellow Blue & Grey' chock full of spicy licks and frenetic brilliance.

"a great mix of fuzzy rock with pop sparks fueling the fire" - Declan Byrne, Triplej

Despite performing self-professed 'obnoxious rock' Fan Girl with deliberate clever strokes push the boundaries of what defines rock. The band were kind enough to share with us the albums that soundtracked their career.

Civil Civic - Rules

"Before the band started, Jack, Vince and a bunch of our friends fell in love with Civil Civic. This first record became a real point of inspiration around the new music we were creating.
Fast forward to the present day, we’ve been lucky enough to have Aaron Cupples from Civil Civic on mixing duties for our two latest singles, ‘Fox Song’ and ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’"

Radiohead - In Rainbows

"We could almost pick any Radiohead record depending on which day of the week at this point. I guess In Rainbows is a record we are constantly referencing, both sonically, and in our songwriting. As close to perfect as a record gets".  

Sampa The Great - Birds And The BEE9

"Probably the most exciting and invigorating release out of AUS in recent years. It has had a really big impact on our excitement about music, both as creators and consumers. Technically a mixtape, but flawless in its execution, Sampa is one of the best around".

Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man

"It walks the line between immaculate pop writing and quirky eccentricity, with a confidence that not many can match. It’s a really impressive record that we keep coming back to. Also features The Big Moon as a backing band, adding to the genius of the record in spades".

The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears

"Potentially overshadowed by another great band from Dublin (Fontanes DC), this is one of our favourite records of the year. Hyper emotional post-punk. Everyone in the UK seems to think they are the best live band on the planet. Fingers crossed they come to Australia very soon. Amazing record".




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