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Q&A: We Talk BUSINESS With The Boys From The Goldie

Photo Credit: Michael Gill

The Three Amigos from the Golden Coast with the most are back with their 2nd EP, A Weekend At Finn's. Featuring Elijah Hughes on the voice box, Regan Hickey on fretboards and Callum Watson on the big boy bongos, BUSINESS have only improved from their verbose debut EP Like You, which dropped earlier this year. A Weekend At Finn's will be available from Friday, 15th of October, but their lead single from the album is already able to be unwrapped and gobbled down:

We were lucky enough to ride the same wave as BUSINESS and go fishing for all the biggest goss in the sea:

Your latest single ‘I Need Another Plan’ has just dropped. What kind of decisions go into choosing the single track? I’m interested in the process behind-the-scenes, do you already know once they’ve already been assembled; “That’s the commercial banger song,” or do you sit down and think about each track and then decide together?

Once we’d finished the EP, we felt like it was pretty clear what tune should be the single. For us, ‘I Need Another Plan’ really captures the vibe of the entire EP in a really simple format, and the place we wrote it. It really pulls from older eras of music, the verse chords are classic 60s, but it still has that semi-modern indie feel that we love.

Your upcoming EP ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’ is slated to release on the 15th of October. It feels more guitar-driven and raw than the previous EP ‘Like You.’ We saw hints at the sort of ballads and emotion we see in ‘All That,’ ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Credit Card Daydreams’ in previous songs like 'Just Like Always.’ Do you think your songwriting process has changed as you mature as a band?

We don’t necessarily have a strict process for writing songs. For this EP we wrote/recorded pretty much all of it on holiday at a beach house in a quiet town, but we feel like that had a huge impact on the overall vibe. The more guitar-driven side of the EP might subconsciously be influenced by what we were listening to at the time without knowing it.

I LOVE the drums in tracks like ‘Dreaming Again’ and especially ‘Credit Card Daydreams,’ and the guitar & vocals are really incredible too. You’ve already proven to us that you are masters of indie-pop, rock and everything in-between. Is ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’ indicative of the sort of sounds we can expect from you guys in the future? Or will you explore different sounds & genres?

Thank you! We just want to make music that reflects our experiences and identities as musicians, and hopefully people can relate. We’re not necessarily trying to push for one specific genre or sound but ‘A Weekend At Finn’s’ is for sure something we want to somewhat follow through on in the future.

How was it being musicians during the heart of Rona Season this year and last? What sort of advice would you give aspiring up-and-comers who want to dive into the music industry?

As much as we’d love to have some advice to give, we are very much up-and-comers ourselves. We’re lucky being in Queensland that Rona Season has been pretty kind to almost all of the shows we’ve played, the biggest loss was people not being able to dance. We’re just having fun as mates and not worrying too much about the rest of it.

What kind of music have you guys been listening to recently? Could you recommend us any tunes & bands to listen to or see live? I’m curious to see if you all have similar tastes, or if your influences are individually varied, far and wide.

In terms of listening, we have pretty varied tastes. Lately, Eli’s been listening to DONDA, Regan’s been listening to heaps of Gang of Youths, and Callum’s been listening to some Rex Orange County. For live music, if you live on the Gold Coast, you need to check out Local Safari.

What can us listeners expect from you next? Do you have any tour plans & live shows up your sleeves?

We’ll be throwing out some new singles next year for sure, but for now, you can catch us at Dust Temple on Friday October 15th to celebrate the release of our EP. Definitely keen to play more shows in new places next year. We’ve got a couple of other shows up our sleeves that we’re keen to announce too.

Thanks again boys, great work. Remember to catch them at the Dust Temple in Currumbin Waters. They'll be playing with Tomorrow's Forecast and tickets are available HERE.

BUSINESS A Weekend At Finn's EP Launch

Tickets here

Friday, 15th October 2021



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