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RINSE Deliver Strong 80s Prom Vibes With The Release Of 'Back Into Your Arms'

Image Credit: RINSE by Leigh Agius

RINSE is the solo project of Brisbane artist Joe Agius, who also produces, co-writes and performs live with Hatchie. RINSE gravitates towards the genre of shoegaze, a sound that incorporates alternative rock and new-wave psychedelia that is characterised by an ethereal sounding concoction of distorted guitar, hazy vocals and feedback. 

‘Back Into Your Arms’ is a gorgeous track and is the first single to be lifted from RINSE’s debut EP ‘Wherever I Am’, set to be released independently on 5 March, 2021. It is the third single released this year, following ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’ and ‘Trust In Me’ which will be bonus tracks on the EP.

Influenced by the likes of artists such as New Order, The Cure and Pale Saints, RINSE’s ‘Back Into Your Arms’ is a swirling kaleidoscope of shimmering sounds that give off strong 80s prom vibes. It’s a track about the pressures of long-distance relationships and the romantic notion that by just being in each other’s arms it’s enough to make it all ok. 

Agius elaborates, stating: “I finished the lyrics earlier this year after watching a lot of my friends’ struggle to maintain long distance relationships through the pressures brought on by COVID-19 and the past year. Each verse is from a different person’s view during different stages of a relationship, while the choruses fantasise about the idea that being in each other’s arms is enough to make it work.”

The track’s videoclip is directed by Agius himself and is shot in a makeshift graveyard. It’s ambient lighting, spooky props and smoke machines give the clip an edgy retro vibe that is simultaneously melancholy and sweet, evoking feelings of longing and desire. The slow-motion shots add to the emotional intensity and give it an oh so ~melodramatic~ feel.

Cheers for the dopamine hit RINSE.

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