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Sarah Belkner Is Back With New Single 'Animals'

After taking 2 years off to record, produce and create music in collaboration with some huge artists, Sarah Belkner has made her return with her new single, ‘Animals.’ After her past successes with single ‘Humans’ (2015) and album ‘But You Are, But It Has’ (2017), Sarah has come back to produce a beautifully crafted musical escape with this new single. With all the musical attributes we love from Sarah's past songs, the new single continues to feature her iconic weightless and echoing vocals, storied lyrics and of course, that gorgeously unique sound.

“This song is about being very deeply in a relationship but navigating the general day to day things and in this case being away from each other but just wanting deep in your heart for it all to be quite simple and primal.”

The multi talented producer, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and occasional music director (wow) is making a return with a single that has a more alternative 'pop' sound. The addition of synths and shakers gives an exotic feel to the song and supports the animalistic character. There’s so much to love about Sarah's new single.

As an artist, Sarah knows how to use instruments in ways to create texture and convey such artistic imagery and this is a skill that has come through yet again in 'Animals'.

The most beautiful thing about the new single is that it was co-written by Sarah and her husband Richard. Two very musically talented human beings created one very atmospheric song full of lush vibes.

Sarah Belkner / alongside Brendan Mclean :

Tickets here

Saturday, 11th of May, Red Rattler Theatre, Marickville

Thursday, 16th of May, Gasometer, Melbourne



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