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Skyuka Wears Heart On Sleeve With 'FADE'

Photos by Dylan Guy

Skyuka, the West Coast's electro pop / trip hop queen, has unleashed her latest single on our unsuspecting ears. 'FADE' is out today, August 19th and materialises alongside a visually stunning video. The track features soulful falsetto, cascading tears synth, and quick-drawn pistols of regret. The artist hails from Perth/Boorloo and is known for her hippin' n hoppin' collab with Bitter Belief on their track 'Hellbound,' which has been gobbled up more than 28000 times by the stream demons.

The music video is a retinal dream, with shots alternating between "stillness and chaos." The video was directed by Skyuka, and filmed & edited by Dylan Guy. Touching on the abrupt, bursting spectacle of colours, Skyuka stated:

"It was about capturing raw emotion and the spectrum of emotions we go through in relationships.”

'FADE' is an "introspective journey" and was written 10 years ago, but only returned to recently with more songwriting experience under the bonnet. The song really came together when Skyuka's brother, Simon (aka Token Friend) wove the guitar-work into the verses and additional synth into the drop, kicking the fuzzy feelings into overdrive. Though the song was shelved for a decade, the artist returned to it when she noticed she was falling into old habits:

"I was young and naive and had met someone who only wanted a casual relationship. I was hoping I could reciprocate this only to find that it left me feeling completely empty."
"It’s about all the emotions we go through when someone can’t meet us in the way that we want them to. It’s about losing confidence in ourselves because we break our own promises."

The song is reminiscent of things like 'Cellophane' by FKA Twigs, with a synthy trap beat accompanied by high little good boys and emotive lyrics. It reminds me of the Skins themesong, but with all the ethereal fades, emotive builds and raw storytelling you could ever want for Christmas. 'FADE' explores remorse, the tragedy of memory and grief through the strong songwriting and emotional contrast of explosive soundscape & serenity.

To celebrate the release of the single, Skyuka is holding a single launch gig at Mojo's in Fremantle/Walyalup on Wednesday the 24th of August. Be sure to check out the incredible music video and support Skyuka on her different platforms or give her a fat old listen and treat your sensual ear canals to a tickling today.

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Single Cover Art for 'FADE'



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