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Slum Sociable Have Got Some Explaining To Do…

...about why their new release 'Explain Myself' is so damn good!

Image: Liberation Records

Today, the 3rd of September, marks a monumental day- the punchy release of Slum Sociables’ first new single release since their EP ‘LIF’, which featured favourites such as ‘Afterthought’, ‘Déjà Vu’ and ‘Life Is Free’.

To be exact, 1 year, 1 month, and 2 days. Or, in other words, 399 days too long.

The Melbournian duo, comprised of multi-instrumentalists Miller Upchurch and Ed Quinn, recorded ‘Explain Myself’ in Sydney with renowned producer Xavier Dunn, who has worked with the likes of Jack River, CXLOE, and GRAACE.

Slum Sociable continue to evolve their sound organically on ‘Explain Myself’, a standout moment from the duo. In a time where shows are inaccessible, the jubilant song leaves little to the imagination, conjuring images of hands high in the air and chant-along choruses in a festival crowd.”

Their evolution from melancholic tracks to ‘euphoric’ and experimental tunes does indeed seem reflexive of the times, as a world so in need of a slice of happiness, they have gone and provided it for us on a silver platter in the form of ‘Explain Yourself’.

Clean and crisp on the outside and juicy in the middle, this song is the epitome of a perfect watermelon. It's the perfect early spring anthem that hails in the warmer weather and just sounds like slipping into cold water on a steamy day- exactly the kind of refreshing release needed in this stagnant and clammy time.

It takes a parallel step away from their previous work which was fuzz-heavy, jazz pop-y, and featured 8 bit-like synths (that one verse in ‘Treat Me Like the Weather’’ll know it when you hear it), to continue down an oxymoronically similar but different path.

The 80’s sounding theme doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with Explain Myself a combination of all the best parts of that era- synths, rippling bass lines and unique vocals- all dressed up in happy- looking fluorescent athletic wear, Olivia Newton John-style.

According to Ed, the release “came together really quickly. Hooky lyrics. Phat riff. What more could ya want?"

Exactly, Ed. We don't want anything more from you… except more music, just like this, and soon.

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