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Stevie Jean Is a Bona Fide 'Menace' In Her Latest Release

Photo credit: Jett Street

Stevie Jean is not one to be messed with. On her latest single, 'Menace', the Darwin born and raised singer-songwriter shows off her best talents while simultaneously listing off her most toxic traits in a fit of braggadocio.

It's punk as f*ck - with a raw electric guitar riff and gang vocals chanting "we do what we wanna do" really driving home the song's themes of angst and rebellion.

Now based in Melbourne, the 21-year old rocker has a new lease on life. The 'Menace' music video (directed by Jacob Hazeldine) showcases her punk energy through a raucous montage of partying, fast driving, tattoos and general debauchery. Oh, and there's a lovely little bit of satanic imagery thrown in there too.

Though it's packed to the brim with action and unapologetic energy, the final product of this music video is actually a somewhat restrained version of Stevie's original artistic vision.

"The original concept for the 'Menace' visuals was kinda violent. I loved it," Stevie said. "But with the current political climate it was deemed inappropriate and Jacob and I were back to the drawing board. It was an incredibly tight turn around and I thank Jacob Hazeldine for the unorthodox hours he spent in my kitchen brainstorming with me."

The video also marks Stevie's debut as a co-producer in film capacity. "As a visual artist myself, collaborating and commissioning works is one of my greatest sources of joy," she said. "We find in creative freedom the essence of expression, unabridged."

She's really branching out and taking big strides as an artist - after releasing her debut EP Blame Game in 2019, she followed up with the collaborative EP Evenings with Tasman Keith later that same year. And she's got a full-length debut on the way; 'Menace' is the lead single from The Dark, slated for release on 14 May.

The album will explore a number of deep topics across a series of thematically connected tracks. "Anxiety, depression, the blues, melancholy, bittersweetness, low self esteem, rage, pity, lust, gluttony, envy. So many shattered pieces of glass emotions that can be pulled apart and made clinical to examine and explain," Stevie said.

"Personally, I’m someone who feels deeply on an extreme scale. I just call it 'The Dark'."

Stevie Jean 'The Dark' Live Album Launch Show

Tickets available on the door

Thursday, 13th May

The Leadbeater Hotel, Melbourne

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