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Sunday Lemonade Melt Hearts With 'Runaway'

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Photos by Heaps Stoked

It's my birthday today, and Melbourne duelling deuteers Sunday Lemonade have gifted me with a love song. The band formed in 2018 and have been on the road ever since. They have supported the likes of Daniel Champagne, Steph Strings and The Pierce Brothers. The Melbourne pair took home the highly-coveted "Emerging Artist Award" after their performance at the Nannup Music Festival. Off the back of their last single 'See You Sometime' and touring WA for the 3rd time, they are now out with their lastest single, 'Runaway.'

"Runaway" tells the story of two budding lovers on a chirping adventure. A space-pop intro takes us into the jingle-jangle of guitar and heartfelt vocals in this little ditty. A love song through and through, we go through waves of puppy dog eyes, apprehension and a bridge with leaning harmonies from lead vocalist Loz. Utilising layered intervals, the song reaches a climax of anxiety before a classic love song ending and more beautiful duetting from Loz and Tyson. Their chemistry is undeniable and the track has already become a fan-favourite at their live gigs.

Touching on the single, the band stated:

"'Runaway' is a pop/folk story of reciprocated but unspoken lust, exploring the fascinating hints and moments with another human yet frustrating lack of courage to actually act on it. The fairy tale dream of what would happen if that person would hurry up and grab your hand, take you on an adventure and you’d finally have the chance to fall in love."

You can catch Sunday Lemonade in November, playing at Victoria's Vinehop Festival alongside Ash Grunwald and The Bamboos amongst many more. 'Runaway' is out Friday 7th of October. Get this beautiful track in your life and feel the covalently bonded love particles float through your brain hole.

Cover Art for 'Runaway'



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