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Sunflower Bean's Wish for a 'Moment In The Sun'

NYC Indie trio Sunflower Bean (Julia Cumming, Nick Kivlen, Jacob Faber) release ‘Moment in the Sun’, their first new track for 2020 – and one well needed. This is the soundtrack to riding your bike down the street in the early morning with your closest friend, or summer love.

Sunflower Bean shares, “‘Moment In The Sun’ is about finally recognizing what is important in one’s life, the people you decide to spend it with.All of these things we distract ourselves with, the neverending mountain of career climbing, the pursuit of financial success, and the hope that after all that trying you could finally be cool. All of that is meaningless in comparison to one great day, hour, or moment with someone you really love.”

It's effervescent synths are undeniably uplifting alongside its carefree vocals which declare ‘I don’t need money / I don’t need to be cool / I’d trade it for a moment in the sun with you’. After being in lockdown for so long, with friends so close yet so far away, the track becomes all the more relatable - we’d all trade everything for those summer moments we have been robbed of since the pandemic. The song resonates now more than ever, and the band took that inspiration by the hilt to strike with a hot summer jam.

‘Moment in the Sun’ floats in alongside a video with Sunflower Bean’s lead singer Julia Cumming reminiscing of her time on beaches, in parks or by the flowers, all with Marquis Rodriguez (When They See Us) co-starring. “While quarantining together upstate this summer we decided to make a music video for ‘Moment In The Sun.’ We thought the best way to visually represent the meaning of the song, while also taking inspiration from this isolating time everyone has been forced to live in, was to create two separate worlds. One world which exists totally inside a home, mostly in a lonely bedroom. The other world exists completely outside in the sun and is made up of memories of a summer love,” the New York trio explained.

The track gives all of us stuck inside away from this summer love that feeling of being the protagonist of an indie film staring longingly out the window for when those days return . With energy reminiscent of Grouplove and charming lyricism, it’s easy to fall in love with Sunflower Bean’s new track.

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