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Sunflower Lead Us Out Of The Darkness With Fresh New Single

Image credit: Supplied

Like the warmth of the sun on your upturned face, Brisbane’s indie-pop/rock outfit Sunflower delivers radiant music that blends swaying guitar melodies and charming vocals, with latest single ‘Thin Skin’ as no exception.

Acting as a beacon to help guide us out of the darkness, ‘Thin Skin’ sees the five-piece developing both their songwriting and sound, offering a vulnerability not yet explored in their previous feel-good singles ‘Better Days’ and ‘Get Yourself Together’.

“Thin Skin is about accepting that life is going to deal you difficult cards sometimes, and letting go of anything that doesn’t add value to your life is one way you can beat the darkness. You can be your own worst enemy if you let the difficulties of life tear away at you. We only get one life, might as well learn to love it.”

From the first note of the grand piano, ‘Thin Skin’ steadily builds in strength and optimism, the fuse of rock and orchestra succeeding in chasing away an underlying feeling of discontentment. Frontwoman Kahlia’s commanding vocals are spellbinding as she leads us out of the darkness, accompanied by bandmate Lawson's tones in a sunshine-filled chorus. Flavoured with Oasis’ emotional realism and tonal nods to Coldplay’s early work, ‘Thin Skin’ delivers an emotional brightness using Sunflower's soul influences woven through with colourful bursts of indie-pop.

After meeting at Bluesfest 2019, frontwoman Kahlia Ferguson and singer/songwriter Lawson Doyle brought Sunflower to life with the inclusion of Dave Webster (lead guitar), and brothers Sam Woods (bass) and Luke Woods (drums).

Image credit: Supplied

With no intention of slowing down, the band have just announced their East Coast Tour 2021, visiting Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in April. After their recent energetically unique performance of 'Little Drummer Boy' at the Lords Mayor’s Christmas Carols in Brisbane, it’s obvious that Sunflower will leave everything on the stage during their tour.

With one foot rooted in the past and the other firmly planted in the future, Sunflower are one of Australia’s fast-emerging must-see acts. Check out the 'Thin Skin' music video below

Sunflower East Coast Tour 2021

Saturday, 6th February

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Brisbane

Friday, 16th April

Stay Gold, Melbourne

Saturday, 17 April

Wrangler Studios, Melbourne

Friday, 23rd April

Oxford Arts Gallery, Sydney

Saturday, 24th April

The Brightside, Brisbane




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