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Talk Heavy Find Their Voice With Debut Single ‘Hoping The Middle’

Photo by Will Johnstone

When years of experience and a fresh perspective are blended together, the result can be no sweeter than the delivery of a revitalized and addictive sound that is not merely true to itself, but pays respect to the sounds that came before. With their debut single, 'Hoping The Middle', Talk Heavy have taken the wheel, steering into a new direction of Australian punk and alternative music, as well as unleashing a sound not soon to be forgotten. ‘Hoping The Middle’ is a powerful reminder of the years of knowledge garnered through previous project WALKEN, but most importantly, provides a reflection of the glorious change that comes with adapting one's own identity for the better.

‘Hoping The Middle’ is immediately striking, opening with harsh and fast guitars that capture. This whirring realm of sound refuses to let you go as the layers build and dimensions become ever prominent. In a feat of artistry, the deep drums act like a heartbeat, providing the track with an apparent lifeline and strong foundation to direct the intense energy along. A sharp and desperate vocal performance by Matt Cochran truly seals the deal. With each thoughtful line, so to comes a delivery of oozing longing and shredding emotion. It particularly becomes something to behold within the angsty chorus as the vocals sweep you up into their forceful wake.

Around every bend of ‘Hoping The Middle’ is a fast-paced and unexpected surprise. The track doesn't wait to culminate in one point in particular, (although the anthemic section is beyond angelic), instead, the song shines as a whole- leaving no section to underperform or be overlooked. It truly is an almighty first release for the four-piece.

“‘Hoping The Middle’ is one of the more angsty songs of ours, but we felt it was the perfect representation of the band for our first release. The song is talking about detaching from reality and feeling almost emotionless in defeat – you're not holding either the positive or negative too close to you, and you hope the middle ground of life is safe enough, but you’re still dreaming something better is coming along soon.” explains frontman Matt Cochran.

Talk Heavy is sure to cook up some more stellar releases, so check out ‘Hoping The Middle’ while it’s hot!

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