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The Great Emu War Casualties Take Us To Funky Fitzroy

Photos Supplied by Ruckus PR

Melbourne has punched a hole in our spotify wraps once again, this time with The Great Emu War Casualties, bottling their brand of indie-alt-rock and fermenting it with spiced guitar shredness. Their latest single 'Boutique Suite in Funky Fitzroy' comes along after their jaw-dropping EP Vanity Project earlier this year. 'Boutique' offers a slice of Summer pie, filled with warmth and wit.

The drums spur us on in this track, taking us down a rabbit hole of sky-high guitar, Indie-pop titillations & a vibrant chorus. Wrapped up neatly in Joe Jackson's larrikin penchant for storytelling, the song soars high and mighty through the sky on a breezy sunlit day.

Easy to listen to, and even easier to give in to the urge to sway, this song slips, slops & slaps on the sunscreen and dive headfirst into waves of synth with guitar-driven whitewash. The track was half completed at James Cecil's Super Melody World before tragedy struck:

“This track is dedicated to James Cecil’s Super Melody World, which burnt down one week before our sixth COVID-19 lockdown was lifted.”

Picking up the pieces and pumping out yet another decadent summer splash, the band have once-again proved their guts & dedication to producing quality, bold music. Out now, from November 26th until the end of time, you can pick the track up and take a bite on any of your favourite streaming services. Be sure to check out the Melbourne three-man gang and follow The Great Emu War Casualties to keep up to date with their incredible tracks & hear about all their live shows.

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Album Cover for 'Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy'



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