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The Louvre Needs to Make Space for IOAKIM's 'Mona Lisa'

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

danny drax

South Coast producer ioakim has sparked new life for the Bedroom pop scene with single ‘mona lisa’. With velvety synth and tight drum beats that have your head bopping, its an upbeat rack reminiscent of Lime Cordiale but in swirl of its own uniqueness.

Following tracks ‘swimming pools’ and ‘tongue tied’, ‘mona lisa’ sees ioakim’s exploration into different relationships with time, other people, and themself.

Everyone knows the Mona Lisa for her face, and ioakim uses her image in his lyrics ‘you were a mona lisa hanging over there / and now you’re gonna break me open with that black-eyed stare.’

“mona lisa explores themes of a crowded conscious, confusion and relationships. It was written at a time last year where everything in the world felt a little uncertain. Personally I felt lost, overwhelmed and like I wanted to start over again after reflecting on the ending of a relationship.” ioakim shares. “The chorus lyric “I hope you think I’m just fine” encapsulates the feeling of doubt, reflecting on past events and overall just wanting someone to think you’re doing ok even though you’re really not.”

ioakim’s tight production paired with impactful bittersweet lyrics is only the beginning- his fans come for the music and stay for the artistry. With this release he's made a showcase of his talents and we're confident he'll only continue to out do himself and having us jamming to every single track.

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