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Torch Fest Heats Up With Festival Announcement

Following Listen Up Music's inaugural Torch Fest event in April, the music industry mental health charity brings the fire to Sydney and Melbourne. Lit acts on the big bill include artists like Phebe Starr, Shannen James, Alexander Biggs, Imogen Clark, AYA YVES. With a focus on mental health, Torch Fest is an initiative aimed at providing support and guidance for artists. After a successful launch in Brisbane this past April, Ali Taylor (co founder of Listen Up Music) stated,

"We wanted Sydney and Melbourne to have their own editions, so we're doing just that. Mental health doesn't discriminate, and so we felt it only right to shine further light on the topic, in two other states, taking place in July and August."

Torch Fest Sydney is on the 3rd of July will be held at The Factory Theatre.

With over 15 artists and 10+ DJ's, the fire won't lightly go out at Torch Fest


Torch Fest Melbourne is on the 14th of August at Max Watts.

With over 13 artists including Shannen James, Wolfjay, Sir Jude and more!

This engaging, celebritive event is capped off by all the acts coming together, performing a 'Torch Song' representing the light that has helped them through any hardship and/or mental health challenges.

The festival will also distribute battery-powered torches to each attendee to turn on when each Torch Song is played, creating a warming atmosphere as the artists reflect on their experiences.

Tickets to Torch Fest Sydney are on sale now & available here:

Tickets to Torch Fest Melbourne are on sale now & available here:



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