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TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: San Cisco want to get ‘Between Me and You’

This year music lovers across Australia have been experiencing a hole in their lives that live music once filled, but San Cisco are here to fill that hole with a new three-show tour.

The indie-trio have been Australian favourites for several years now and it’s no surprise why, with their captivating way of turning stories of abandoned relationships into undeniably sweet pop songs, full of bubbly energy that radiates positivity, despite lyrical content. Long gone are the days where we listen to sad songs after a breakup – we now listen to San Cisco.

San Cisco have been gently feeding us songs from their upcoming album ‘Between You and Me’. From the universal feeling of a broken friendship in ‘Messages’ to the tender plea of ‘On the Line’, San Cisco continue their refreshing indie-pop that makes you feel as if you’re living in a Wes Anderson film! This album is set to be one of their best, walking the fine line between bitter and sweet.

COVID has left us all yearning to get out and see live music, and what could be a more perfect way to get back into the groove of normality than with a San Cisco gig!

San Cisco are set to hit up Hobart, Kingscliff and Birtinya in October, rescheduling tour dates that were supposed to happen earlier in the year.

San Cisco 2020 - Tour Dates

Sat Oct 3 - Hobart Uni Bar, Hobart TAS

Thu Oct 8 - Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff NSW

Sat Oct 10 - NightQuarter, Birtinya QLD

Information and Tickets Here



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