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Karmel Jager's 'Trafalgar Square' is a Beautiful Mix of Classically Inspired Dance

Karmel Jager, a name that ought to be remembered has created a beautiful mixture of classic and dance music, to create a unique and beautiful take on modern day music.

The Sydney local took the more classical route of becoming  a musician, starting off at the Sydney conservatorium, she later made a massive jump, moving to the UK and studying at the prestigious school Guildhall School of Music and Drama for three years. She later landed massive opportunities, lending her voice for films, Tv’s and Videos Games, such as The Avengers, Star Wars, BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and World of Warcraft. 

Now attacking the Electronic Dance scene in her own way, Karmel’s new track 'Trafalgar Square' is not only beautiful, but it’s a vibe. The single starts with gorgeous arp which perfectly links with Karmels vocals, that are angeletic, airy and warm with a real classical, folk style. The bass and drums set the vibe, and shows you that this is more then just a folk single. Its bouncy and warm, sitting perfectly under Karmel’s vocals and synths, targeting the whole spectrum of frequencies. A single, that is not only beautiful, but a unique take on house music.

Listen to Karmel Jager’s new track 'Trafalgar Square' below!



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