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Triple J's Hottest 100 – Top Ten Predictions 2020

Triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown day is arguably the biggest event on every Australian muso’s calendar (ARIA’s who?) and the recipients of the coveted positions is often a spicy conversation topic between friend groups.

This list will piggyback on the hard work already done by the aptly named prediction blog 100 Warm Tunas. Please note that they compile the list based on data collected across various social media platforms and is in no way definitive – if only more people posted their ‘unwarranted’ top ten votes on their Insta stories, hey?

With the countdown coming up very soon, let's speculate wildly and give unsolicited opinions on the deservingness of the predicted top 10 songs.

#10 Complicated - Eves Karydas

A pop anthem for the ages – but specifically those in the ‘wtf is happening idk whats going on or how to do anything’ ages. Karydas yearns for the years before decisions were difficult and nuanced with a tongue-in-cheek charm, the jaded lyrics set against a backdrop of a fizzy, swirling bop. Big fan.

#9 Rockstar - Mallrat

Mallrat is no stranger to the top ten, her single 'Charlie' landing in third place last year. 'Rockstar' follows a similar dreamy, love-centric path as 'Charlie' but with a more future-driven aspirational ache as opposed to nostalgic pain. A steady, slow beat helps Mallrat wind her way through the things she will achieve to forget about her past love: fall in love with a rockstar, win all the Grammys, have a family – doesn’t seem all that far out of reach. An unhurried tune that is a real ear worm.

#8 Sending Me Ur Loving - Jungle Giants

Not to be that girl, but I do prefer their older stuff. That being said, the electronic direction the Jungle Giants have chosen seems to be working with the people and this indie dance number does force you to your feet for a little boogie. Definitely wouldn’t be out of place in a club, accompanied by some strobe lights and a naughty rinse.

#7 Lost in Yesterday - Tame Impala

A very classic Kevin Parker tune – his floaty falsetto singing vaguely nonsensical lyrics mixed with a superbly interstellar sonic experience. The fourth single from their 2020 album The Slow Rush, 'Lost in Yesterday' is Tame Impala at its psychedelic best and the triple j darlings are sure to have a few in the top twenty after they nabbed the top spot in the Hottest 100 of the decade last year.

#6 I’m Good? - Hilltop Hoods

The Adelaide lads have ripped up an anthem dedicated to the woes of waning mental health, iso, and the lovely, unproblematic 365 days we just finished (see lyrics “twenty twenty is nothing but an unshaved ballbag” for reference). 'I’m Good' was intended as a light hearted track making fun of all coronavirus related confusion, released in efforts to raise money for roadies and all those behind the music scenes via Support Act. A noble cause for a not so noble (but still delightful) tune.

#5 Hyperfine - G-Flip

This song has been circulating in G-Flip’s live repertoire for a while but was only just released officially last year. Written in the perspective of someone fighting with their partner who says they’re fine when they’re clearly not fine, 'Hyperfine' mixes an bouncy electronic beat with modulated vocal layers – obviously accompanied by signature G-Flip drums – to great success, creating a funky little tune that though I’m not sure will make the top ten will certainly rate highly.

#4 The Difference - Flume featuring Toro y Moi

Despite the fact I felt like I was having a stroke during the first 18 seconds, Flume has done what Flume does best – no not that, making atmospheric dance hits. A fast paced track, 'The Difference' only lasts a bit more than two minutes but US songwriter and producer Toro Y Moi manages to fit in all he needs to say. Though a bit different from his usual fare, this restless track is a veritable bop that I reckon is probably at least in the top five.

#3 Booster Seat - Spacey Jane

Look, if this doesn’t win, it feels safe to say the entirety of WA will riot. The Perth based band burst onto the scene with their monument debut album Sunlight last year and have won over many with their catchy indie melodies, spiffing song writing and golden cocktail of polished classic and raw heart. Because 'Booster Seat' is such a bop, you don’t realise the sheer talent of the songwriting that makes it - do yourself a favour and go lookup the lyrics. Big ups to the band and this song in particular.

#2 Cherub - Ball Park Music

Though not your typical party time song, Ball Park Music have snuck what is possibly one of the sweetest songs ever written into the top tiers of the countdown. 'Cherub' is a starry-eyed idyllic lullaby of slight self-deprecation that crescendos into a beautiful instrumental build. It definitely tracks that many of the lyrics were inspired from front man Sam Cromack rocking his baby daughter to sleep. It may take a few listens to get into but it’s well worth it when you do. A real contender here.

#1 Heat Waves - Glass Animals

Up until now I had been labouring under the (incorrect) assumption that Glass Animals were Australian. It turns out they actually originated in Oxford, UK as I found out when listening to them sing about heat waves in the middle of June. Though I imagine there may be some disgruntled characters lamenting that a non-Australian act once again took out the top spot, I think most would be happy to secede to this trippy tune that undeniably fits the summer day-drinking vibe that is part and parcel of Hottest 100 day.


Countdown begins at:

12 pm in NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS

11:30 am in SA

11 am in QLD

10:30 am in NT

9 am in WA



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